Winter Health and Safety Tips

Part Three of Judson’s New Year’s Safety Series will provide health and safety tips to help carry you through the rest of winter.

Northeast Ohio’s frigid winter temperatures present health and safety risks for the community at large, especially seniors. However, with just a few refinements to your daily routine, you can make the season much more enjoyable.

For the Judson Community

People tend to spend more time than usual in their homes during the winter months. As such, try to curate an environment that feels extra cozy! In doing so, please remember the following:

  • Adjust your thermostat to a comfortable temperature (68 degrees minimum). Please refrain from supplementing with space heaters
  • Make sure all windows are closed and tightly sealed
  • Use certified power strips rather than extension cords
  • Consider using a special light to help Seasonal Affective Disorder; Light Therapy is an easy way to elevate your mood during the winter months
  • Resist the urge to use your oven to heat your apartment as doing so poses a safety risk
  • Contact maintenance if you notice any heating issues
  • Notify a Judson Associate and/or family if you plan on leaving the campus; it is always good practice to have family and friends know your whereabouts

When Out and About in the Community

Cleveland’s winter temperatures can easily cause frostbite. Please exercise additional caution when out in the community:

  • Dress in layers, even while indoors; remember hats and gloves to keep the heat in
  • Wear quality nonslip shoes
  • Watch for ice along walkways
  • Check the weather forecast before planning any trips out
  • Even when traveling short distances, be sure to have your car fueled, cell phone fully charged, and an emergency kit on hand (blankets, flares, extra clothes, and boots)
  • Exercise extra caution while driving; reduce speed and brake carefully; streets and parking lots can be icy under the snow
  • Give yourself plenty of extra time; rushing may set you up for a slip and fall

Healthy at Home Tips

The winter months can be challenging on both physical and mental health. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to stay in tune with your wellbeing:

  • Call a family member or friend and surround yourself with loved ones. Contact your physician if loneliness ever becomes unbearable or overwhelming
  • Start a new project or craft. Online games and puzzles are a great way to keep your brain exercising. Additionally, Judson residents have access to great art rooms to help fuel those creative hands
  • Focus on proper nutrition- especially Vitamin D; enjoy junk food in moderation
  • Keep your body moving; consider taking one of Judson’s wellness classes or an indoor walk. Judson has miles of indoor spaces to help get your heart pumping
  • Stay hydrated as the cold air can be very drying

There is no doubt that the winter months can be difficult. These are just some basic samples to help get you through a long winter day. However, the Judson team is here to help make the best of it! Check your campus calendar for upcoming activities. If you notice any changes in your health, contact the nurse on your floor. Finally, remember, there are only 47 more days until spring!


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