Honoring Our Donors

Judson Foundation is honored to celebrate the generosity of all our benefactors. From helping adults stay active, to giving hope, strength, and comfort to residents challenged with dementia, your unending support enables Judson to meet the growing needs in our community.

Judson Award for Philanthropic Leadership

Launched in 2017, the Judson Award for Philanthropic Leadership is Judson Foundation’s highest honor. This prominent award pays tribute to an exceptional benefactor for his or her compassion, commitment, and generosity. The award is presented at the annual Celebration of Generosity to recognize an outstanding philanthropic partner whose significant positive impact is advancing Judson’s mission and Bringing Community to Life.

  • 2020 – Robert Oldenburg
  • 2019 – George Rose
  • 2018 – James and Donna Reid
  • 2017 – C. Patricia Ferry
Watch the 2020 Judson Celebration of Generosity tribute video honoring Robert Oldenburg

Honor Roll of Donors

For more than a century, annual gifts from Judson residents, families, and friends have provided the financial footing that makes Judson an exceptional place to live. To celebrate our donors’ generosity, Judson Foundation has established recognition societies for cumulative and annual giving.

Benefactor Society

Judson Foundation’s Benefactor Society honors donors for their lifetime giving.
Visionary ($1,000,0000+)
Catalyst ($500,000 – $999,999)
Champion ($250,000 – $499,999)
Founder ($100,000 – $249,9990
Patron ($50,000 – $99,999)
Ambassador ($25,000 – $49,999)
Friend ($10,000 – $24, 999)

Visionary ($1,000,000+)

William B. and Marjorie W. Anderson*

Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation

Knight Charitable Trust

The Reinberger Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. A. William Reynolds

Catalyst – ($500,000 – $999,999)

Louise W. Crane*

DJ Foundation

The Ferry Family Foundation

John J. Kolar*

Marion S. Lawry Trust

Charlene Phelps*

George and Audra Rose*

Myra and Darwin Smith

Alton *Helen M. Whitehouse

Champion ($250,000 – $499,999)

The Cleveland Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Jack

The Kresge Foundation

Marjorie M. Lamport*

Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust

Hester Nixon*

Anna Mary Noll*

LaVahn M. Overmyer*

The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Foundation

Leland and Helen Schubert*

The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation

Glenn C. Wilber*

Founder ($100,000 – $249,999)

The 1525 Foundation

Dr. Ruth Anderson*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Arnold*

Anne R. Beavan*

Ruth E. Brown*

Elvidio G. Bufalini*

Florence Cellar*

Mary E. Chilcote*

Gerald* and Marty Conway

Cynthia H. Dunn

James E. and Gertrude A. Dyson*

Ernest S. and Virginia D. Ferry*

Eugenia Gallagher*

Dr. Richard K. Gardner*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garretson*

Evelyn Goldfarb*

Allene Hillburg*

Clarke A. Hoak*

Mr. Joseph Hostetler

Judson Manor Resident Council

Donald and Dorothy Kuhn

Kulas Foundation

Jane Van H. Landers*

Tom and Kathi Lind

Florence G. Marsh*

Jo and J. Howard Morris*

The Murch Foundation

Bob and Barbara* Oldenburg

Aurel Ostendorf*

Jeanette Parkhurst*

Nelson and Betty Rose*

John and Audie Schneider

Second Foundation

B. Kathleen Shamp

Kevin and Joyce Shaw

Dr. Marion Siney*

The C. Carlisle and Margaret M. Tippit Charitable Trust

Mr.* and Mrs. F. Jerome Tone, III

Gloria W. Veale, IV*

Esther Wright*

Patron ($50,000 – $99,000)

The Abington Foundation

Leo Bernstein*

The Bicknell Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bittenbender

Albert Borowitz and Joan R. Mortimer*

Ruth B. Bradley*

Robert Brooks

Robert M. and Lois G.* Brucken

Ellen W. Chinn*

The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation

Dr. Theodora P. Dakin*

Jeannette J. Dempsey*

Dworken & Bernstein Co.

Cornelia Erf*

Allen H. and Constance* Ford

William O. and Gertrude Lewis Frohring Foundation


Barbara V. Gould*

Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi

Dr. Marie R. Haug*

John G. Johnson Construction

Leslie and Elizabeth D. Kondorossy Fund

Larry and Bonnie Lindberg

Elmer L. Lindseth*

Aileen K. MacCracken*

A.M. McGregor Home

Mr. James D. McKim

Brooks B. McWilliams*

Joseph B. Milgram

David and Inez Myers Foundation

Mrs. JoAnn W. Overmyer*

Mr.* and Mrs. Stanley C. Pace

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Mrs. Lorrie H. Robertson*

Virginia P. Roedger*

Jacob* and Marjorie Rosenbaum

David* and Marie Rowley

Betty Rubin*

Saint Luke’s Foundation

Mr. David M. Schneider

Edward K. Schneider*

Sherwick Fund

Alice M. Sloss*

Isabel Smith*

Mildred D. Sommer*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Spahr

Wendy L. Staniforth

Mrs. Virginia Stewart*

Treu-Mart Fund

Dr. Gilbert M. and Anna W.* True

TRW Inc.

John and Susan Turben

James and Debra Vail

Frances G. Washington*

Kathryn S. Weitzel*

Mildred A. Westmoreland*

Jane B. Young*

Ambassador ($25,000 – $49,999)

Mr. and Mrs. A. Chace Anderson

Viola C. Anderson*

Mr. and Mrs.* Allan W. Austin

Chip and Janet AuWerter

Elizabeth M. Baird

Richard H. Bamberger

Dorothy Beck*

Laura Berick

Marion Bittman*

Vernon and Pat Breitenbach *

Thomas and Louise Brick

Mary S. and James R. Bright

Diane Brown*

Mrs. Marion Bryan*

Helen B. Burdg*

Cain Brothers & Company, LLC

Josephine Calabretta*

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Campbell*

Mrs. Helen Carr*

Anna P. Catlin*

Mrs. E. Bruce Chaney

The Church Home

Church of the Saviour

Richard* and Patty Cusick

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Leita Davy*

Donley’s Inc.

Zoann L. Dusenbury*

Eaton Corporation

Roger B. Ellsworth

Ernst & Young LLP

Ms. H. Adele Evans

Sally-Jane Fabel*

The Fairfax Foundation

The Firman Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fort*

Judd and Zetta Gross*

Sara Harmon*

Mrs. Suzanne B. Harrison*

The Albert M. Higley Company

Hans and Freida Hirschmann*

Grace Hoffman*

Mildred F. Hollander*

Bob and Gladys Howson*

George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund

Mr.* and Mrs. Wallace R. Hutson

John T. Jacobson*

David J. James, Jr.

Ruth Acklin Jenks*

Dennis H. Kelly*

Robert Kessler*

Carter Kissell*

C.R.* and Mary Kubik

Mr. Fredrick S. Lamb*

Levin-Bernstein Philanthropic Fund

George and Lee Lockwood*

Constance White Main*

Eunice S. Marsh*

Iris Marshall*

Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund

The McGregor Foundation

Isabel M. Merrill*

Nadine Miles*

Beatrice H. Miller*

Dr. Genevieve Miller*

Margaret and Clarence Morell*

Virginia Morris*

Virginia C. Morrow*

John P. Murphy Foundation

Kay C. Murray

NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.

John and Karen Nestor

Ivan and Kathleen* Otto

Jon and Jane Outcalt

Paintstone Foundation

The Payne Fund

Leona Phillips*


Mrs. Marian Ratnoff

Mrs. Marion Reynolds*

Elizabeth D. Robson*

Helen W. Ross*

Norman* and Ann E. Roulet

The Sears-Swetland Family Foundation

Mrs. Ellery Sedgwick

Oliver* and Meredith Seikel


Lillian E. Simpson*

Charles H. Smith, Jr.*

Kent and Thelma Smith*

Doris S. Snedeker*

Frances Lennie Snider*

George Streeter*

Judge William K. Thomas*

United Way Services

The Veale Foundation

Marjorie Marsh Warren*

David H.* and Elizabeth H. Warshawsky

White Consolidated Industries

Mrs. Mildred Wick*

Chuck and Ann Zellmer

Justin and Silvia Zverina*

Friend ($10,000 – $24,999)

Marilou Abele

Absolute Pharmacy, Inc.

Ethel Adrine*

AHS Foundation


Violet Ansorge*

Vincent M. Arnold*

Mary Bacher

Anne M. Barnes*

Gladys Barnum*

Dr. William and Gayle Bauer

Patricia H. Beall*

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Billick

Robert E. Bingham*

Gerald B. Blouch

Florence W. Bowes*

Elizabeth Breckenridge

Dr. Helen Brown*

Kenneth L.* and Nancy E. Brown

Ruth H. Brown*

Mrs. Anne Staples Burden

Mary R. Burmeister*

Mrs. Phyllis G. Carl*

Harry and Marge Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Carnovale

Mary Louise G. Carpenter*

Patricia S. Carter*

Luke and Ann Case

Mr. and Mrs. Hong S. Chae

Corning Chisholm

Cleveland Clearing House Association

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company

Cleveland National Air Show

The Cliffs Foundation

Helen B. Cole*

Rosella Compton*

Joe* and Rita Coney

Catherine E. Conway*

Ralph T. “Ted” Cook*

Lucile Crowell Cooks*

Grace S. Couchman*

Marty and Sandy Coyle

Thomas P. Crowley

Pitt* and Sally Curtiss

Malcolm and Sara Cutting

Elizabeth Daunton*

Margie Knight Davis*

Ruth A. DeBoer

Eleanor B. Deex*

Dorothy O. DeGray*

Elthera DeLong*

Doan Pyramid Electric

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Drinko*

John J. Dwyer*

Ruth B. Eastwood*

Karl A. and Elizabeth B. Eger*

Dr. Elizabeth Endicott*

Doug and Sheila Epp

Ann C. Fabens

Fairmount Presbyterian Church

William and Kathryn Fehrenbach

Jane P. Fielding*

Fifth Third Private Bank

Ermina M. Forsberg*

William E. Forsythe, M.D.*

Marie Franzen*

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Freedheim

Mildred E. Fretz*

Gil* and Elle Frey

Matilda Saks Friedman*

Isabel W. Frost*

Dr. John Burke and Judge Nancy Fuerst

Mrs. Carmen B. Fullmer*

Margaret A. Fullmer

Gannett Foundation

GAR Foundation

Amy L. Garfield*

Roy A. Gentles*

Alta Gimmy*

Esther H. Gimp*

Barbara F. Ginn

Allan Gray

Nita Gregg*

Clara Greve*

Bob and Sally Gries

Mr. Jack L. Griffiths

David and Robin Gunning

Lucille Hadfield*

Lois A. Hagar*

Virginia Harrison Hamann*

Hankins Foundation

Frank J. Hanus III

Mark H. Hardenbergh

Albert Harding

Patricia Harding*

Samuel and Kimberly Hartwell

Mary B. Harvey*

William and Patricia Hatch

William and Diane Hauserman*

Myrtle Haynes*

John and Doris Hazle*

Mrs. Lois Heller*

Judith Henderson

Fredrec T. Henkel

Marjorie M. Herrick*

Martha E. Hickox*

Higley Fund

Hirsch Electric Company

Audrey Hofstetter*

Judith and Peter A. Holmes Family Fund

Walter* and Karen Holtkamp

Alberta B. Hornsby*

Dr. and Mrs. Lansing C. Hoskins

Linda and Robert* Hosler

Carola B. Hunt*


Reid Isaac

Mary Elizabeth Jackson*

Virginia B. Jaffe*

Jay M. and Toba Jeffery*

Thya Johnson*

Margaret A. Peel Jones*

Jones Day

William M. and Elizabeth W. Jones Fund

Judson Manor House Fund

Walter and Jean Kalberer Foundation

Joseph P. and Nancy F. Keithley Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Kennedy

Philip and Maryellen Kennedy

Dr.* and Mrs. John H. Kennell

Elaine C. Kiener*

Mr. and Mrs. George Kirkham*

Jeanette Kirkham*

Joyce A. Klaber*

Betty K. Klein*

Robert Klein*

R. Klivans

Larry Knecht*

Catherine and Bill Koppelman

Dorothy H. Kortepeter*

Kristina Kuprevicius

Robert* and Gretchen Larson

Louise H. Lawler

Susan and Bob Leggett

George Leibacher*

Rutharriet Levering*

Sidney Lewine*

Lincoln Moving & Storage Co.

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Lockwood*

Bruce and Susan Loessin

Ruth A. Lutz*

Doris A. Lynch*

Audrey D. Malone*

Isabel Marting*

Rex and Heath Mason

Marie H. May

William C. McCoy

Helen McLoraine*

Helen B. McMahon*

Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Fund

Samuel H. and Maria Miller Foundation

Mrs. Mary S. Miller*

Dan and Marge Moore

Elizabeth Oakes Moore*

Mrs. Rebecca P. Moore*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Morris, II

Donald W. Morrison*

Sue Morton*

Thomas G. Mouat*

Jeanne Munz*

Creighton B. Murch

Neiman Marcus

Hilda E. Nieman*

Thomas A. Nobbe

North Shores Consulting, Inc.

Tony and Nancy* Oliverio

Merritt and Amity* Osborn

Paladin Protective Systems, Inc.

Alfred G. Parker*

Dr. Robert F. Parker*

Josephine H. Patterson*

Sara and Hunter Peckham

Mr. Emmet Pedley

Irene K. Pekoc*

Dean Perry*

Mildred V. Peters*

The Plain Dealer

Martha Jane Plummer*

Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights

Donald and Carol Poe

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Powel, III

Prelude Services

Dr. Edna Raphael*

Estate of Oscar D. Ratnoff, MD

The Renner Foundation

Hal and Joanna Retzler*

Mr. and Mrs. A. William Reynolds

Elsie Reysen*

Josephine C. Rich*

Rockwell Automation

Glenn E. and Barbara H. Roderick*

Florence B. Rutter*

Saint Ann Foundation

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Franz and Beth* Sauerland

Stuart B. Schaffner*

A. Benedict Schneider*

Margaret M. Schneider*

Oliver C. Schroeder, Jr.*

Zelda Segal*

Daniel Shapiro and Agnes Gund

Anna K. Shepherd*

Emelia Sica McGuire

SIFCO Foundation

Angie Silver*

Martin Sebastian Simon

Alden D. Smith*

Norman F. Smith*

Anne F. Spencer*

Elizabeth C. Stevenson*

Dr.* and Mrs. Robert Stone

Barbara U. Streeter

Mrs. Edna Strnad

Sutherin-Melling Insurance Co./The Sutherin Family

Elaine Szilagyi*

Marge Townsend

Virginia Trenner*

William C. Treuhaft*

Ruth T. Turner*

Alan Unger

Sonja F. Unger*

Kendra J. Urdzik

Vizmeg Landscape, Inc.

Douglas and Holly Wang

Raymond J. Wean Foundation

Alvira Webb*

Dr. Rita I. Welte*

Mr. Thomas C. Westropp

Emma R. White*

Roy L. Williams

Frances Willick*

Rosalind Winkelman*

Ruth M. Wismar*

Coultice Wood*

Helen S. Wood*

Helen Wright*

Davis and Karen Young

2022 Annual Giving Society

Judson Foundation’s Annual Giving Society recognizes individuals, corporations, and foundations for their annual gifts of $100 or more. Donors who give $1,000 or more annually are celebrated as members of the President’s Circle and receive an invitation to Judson Foundation’s annual Celebration of Generosity.
President’s Circle ($1,000+)
Contributors ($100 – $999)

President’s Circle ($1,000+)

Marilou Abele

Absolute Pharmacy, Inc.


Ms. Susan Althans

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Arnold*

Chip and Janet AuWerter

Mary Bacher*

Virginia M. Backstrom

Bud and Shelley Baeslack

Richard H. Bamberger

Anne M. Barnes*

Dr. William and Gayle Bauer

Barbara A. Baum

William and Andrea Baynes

Charles M. Belveal and Virginia Benade

Peter A. Bergsten

Laura Berick

BNY Mellon

George and Helen Boggis Burdg Charitable Remainder Trust

John and Judith* Bourne

Dr. Eugene L. Brand

Elizabeth Breckenridge

Ms. Mary Ann Brenner

Thomas and Louise Brick

Robert Brooks

Robert M. Brucken

Dr. John Burke and Judge Nancy Fuerst

Mr.* and Mrs. Al Cahen

Mary F. Cannon

Luke and Ann Case*

Clara D. Catliota

City Architecture

Michael Clegg

Joe* and Rita Coney

Marty Conway

Anne Cook

John Corrigan

Stuart and Susan Crampton

Thomas P. Crowley

Pitt* and Sally Curtiss

Richard* and Patty Cusick

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dalzell

Mr. Anthony M. DiGeronimo

Dr. Morris S. Dixon, Jr.*

Cynthia H. Dunn

The Fairfax Foundation

William and Kathryn Fehrenbach

Patricia Ferry

The Ferry Family Foundation

Fifth Third Private Bank

Jamie Fitzgerald

Henry Foltz

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Foti

Elle Frey

Lorna and Phil Fung

joan gelb

Mr.* and Mrs. James D. Gibans


Nancy A. Gorenshek

Twila Granger

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Groppe, Jr.

John and Jackie Hallack

Frank J. Hanus III

William and Patricia Hatch

Hiti, DiFrancesco and Siebold, Inc.

Ralph Hegsted

Judith Henderson

The Albert M. Higley Company

Mrs. Karen Holtkamp

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Hsu


Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.

Reid Isaac

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Jack

John G. Johnson Construction Company

Judson Manor Resident Council

Krishna Kallianpur*

Mr. and Mrs.* Roger Kallock

Mrs. Margaret L. Kennell

James Kitson

Kiwanis Club of Cleveland

Knight Charitable Trust

Ursula Korneitchouk

Byron and Joan Krantz

Donald and Dorothy Kuhn

Nana Landgraf

Mrs. Martha S. Lanier

Thomas Lavin

Marion S. Lawry Trust

Mr. Robert E. Lee

Leonard Krieger Fund of the Cleveland Foundation

Leslie and Elizabeth D. Kondorossy Fund

Mr.* and Mrs. John F. Lewis

Lincoln Moving & Storage Co.

Tom and Kathi Lind

Larry and Bonnie Lindberg

Bruce and Susan Loessin

Ms. Carol Magee

Kazuko Maine*

Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Manning

Patrick* and Lois McCartan

Mrs. Nancy McCormack

Cecil Mellin

Joseph B. Milgram

Jennifer A. Mills

Steven A. Minter*

Bill and Margaret Mitchell*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Morris, II

Donald W. Morrison*

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Mortimer

Creighton B. Murch

The Murch Foundation

David and Inez Myers Foundation

Paula S. Ockner*

Ohio Arts Council

Bob Oldenburg

Tony Oliverio

Paul and Connie Omelsky

Merritt and Amity* Osborn

Oswald Companies

Carolyn O’Toole

Ivan L. Otto

Jon and Jane Outcalt

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Pacchioni

Mr.* and Mrs. Stanley C. Pace

Alice U. Palda

Hunter and Sara Peckham

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pesch

Mrs. Barbara Peskin

Mrs. Carolyn Peskin

John Petrenchik and Virginia Poirier

Playhouse Square Real Estate Services

Donald and Carol Poe

Sonja Rajki  and  Michael Lyford

Ms. Pauline Ramig

Paul Rander and Joy G. Willmott

Joyce D. Rayburn

James* and Donna Reid

Mr. and Mrs. A. William Reynolds

Stewart and Judy Rice

Mr. F. Tyler Rich

Carolyn Richardson

Josephine Ridgway

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Robinson

Marcia Rogers

George Rose

Kurt Rose

Dr. Ann E. Roulet

Marie Rowley

Mr. and Mrs. AO Rule

Florence B. Rutter*

Mr. Matt Ryan and Ms. Dorothy Bambach

John and Delores Saada

Mr. Burton Saltzman

The Sanson Company

Franz and Beth* Sauerland

Ted and Clare Sawyer

Zelda Segal*

Mrs. Meredith Seikel

Daniel and Terra Selby

Ms. Jeri L. Shaffer

Angie Silver*

Darwin and Myra Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Smith

Jeffrey H. Smythe*

Doris S. Snedeker*

Mrs. Virginia Stewart*

Mary and Robert* Stone

Mrs. Edna Strnad

Chris and Tom Sumner

Ms. Ruth V. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Trawick

Mrs. Frank S. Treco, Jr.

Margaret Trenkamp

Dr. Gilbert M. True

Kendra J. Urdzik

Douglas and Holly Wang

Betty Jane Weimer

Margaret R. Williams*

Roy L. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Yorkis

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Young

Richard* and Helen Zakin

Mrs. Anna Lois Zverina*

Contributors ($100 – $999)

Mary Abbott

Mr. and Mrs. David Ackerman

Ronald Adrine

Edward A. Alix

Mrs. Cary Arden

Betty Benish

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bak

Mrs. Elli Bambakidis*

Dr. James Bard

John Barkey

Charles A. Bashour

Cynthia Bassett

Clare Bechtold

Judith Beck


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bemberg

Florence W. Bennett

Mr. Charlie Berkey and Mrs. Judy Majcan

Dr. Leonard Bernstein

Jack and Marilyn* Bialosky

Mr. Alex Bidwell

Mrs. Joanne Bielek

Elizabeth Biggar

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bittenbender

Mrs. Emily Blake

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Botti

Guy and Julie Bramble

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis T. Brennan

Mrs. Mary Broadbent

Mrs. Margaret L. Brooks

Nancy Brucken

Mrs. Virginia M. Bruning

Irene Burkhart

Mr. George Bustamante, Jr.

Ms. Gretchen Butkus

Caroline Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Caimi

David and Mimi Calfee

Roy Call and Barbara Cross

Case Western Reserve University

Cheshire Cheese Club of Cleveland

Marcia Christian

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Clemens

Mr. and Mrs. Hobie Cleminshaw

Mr. Dorn Cobbledick

Dr. Merritt Cole

Margaret Collings

Mark C. Comella

Richard Conway

Alexander and Marilyn Cook

Ms. Rosemarie Cooley

Paula Coppedge

Bill and Mark Corcoran

Ms. Adele Cunningham

Ranajit K. Datta

Richard* and Mary Jo Desmond

Margaret R. Diemer

Richard and Nancy Dietrich

Doan Brook Watershed Partnership

Dr. Mary Meredith Dobyns

Terrence and Shirley Donley

Nancy Dorer

Mary S. Douthit

The Drape Factory, Inc.

Mrs. Mary Dunbar

Dynamics Online

John Eberly

Mrs. Phyllis J. Edberg

Eileen M. Burkhart & Co., LLC

Daniel R. Elliott, Jr.

Roger B. Ellsworth

Ms. Mary Emerson

Dr. Beth Eppell

Ann C. Fabens

John and Maureen Fernbacher

Eileen Fertal

Mr. Hardy Flickinger

Ms. Carol Fox

Sally Frost

David N. Fuerst

Dr. J. George Furey

Mitzi Furlong

Mary Gardner*

Jenifer Garfield

Mr. Richard Garretson*

Ms. Carrie H. Gaul

Ms. Katy Gleason

Nancy Glende

Richard* and Pam Goetsch

Dan* and Florence Goldberg

Esther Grannis

Rich and Barbara Gray

Dr. Margaret V. Grevatt

Jane Griffiths

Mary C. Groves*

Don* and Carol Grubb

Drs. Alan and Ruth Gurd

Janet N. Hall

Ms. Margine Hanson

Patricia Harding*

Edwin Harper, Jr.

Samuel and Kimberly Hartwell

Richard Hartz*

Mr. Lawrence Hatch

Carol M. Haueis

George and Virginia Havens*

Barbara Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Healy

Mr. Chris Hebblethwaite

Mr.* and Mrs. Nickolas Heerema

Dr. Alfred D. Heggie

Nancy Heiple

Elizabeth P. Hickman

Louis W. Hill

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hinchliff*

Beth G. Hoffman

Audrey Hofstetter*

Joann Hoge

Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Miner E. Holloway, II

Ms. Christy Holmes

Homestead Interiors

Jack and Andy Hopkins

Mary Alice Horner*

Dr. and Mrs. Lansing C. Hoskins

Ms. Patience Humphrey

Hope Hungerford

Paul Ingalls

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Jackson, III

Glen Jenkins

Ken Johnson

Richard and Janice Johnston

Sherman Katz*

Mr. Gene Keidan

Ms. Marilyn J. Keiser

Pamela F. Kelly

Ken Kempf

James and Marilyn Kennedy

Jim Kenst

Dr. and Mrs. David Kerman

Nancy J. Kermode

Dr. Jane W. Kessler

Mary Kincaid

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kirk

Lois Klaus*

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Koch

Jean Kogge

Ronald M. Kohn

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Koppel

Bill and Catherine Koppelman

Robert and Brenda Kunkel

Dr. Michael E. Lamm

Ms. Ann L. Lang

Timothy LaRiche

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Larkins

Julie C. Lauh

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lavelle

Mr. George Leggiero

Lois Lehman

Shirley LeMay

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lerner

Elizabeth LaTerneau

Mrs. Jerome Liebman

Mrs. Patricia Lightbody

Tracey Lind and Emily Ingalls

Rex, Brenda, Grant and Meg Linkenbach

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lippincott

Dr. and Mrs. Randall W. Listerman

David Loebel and Jane Cawthorn

The Lubrizol Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Sharwan Mallik

Phyllis Fatica Mancino

Ms. Mary Marotta

Joan Matilo*

Carol Lee and Meril May

Alexander McAfee*

Anne McBride

John F. and Susie S. McClatchey

Mr. Breck McCormack

William C. McCoy

Ms. Susan H. McLaughlin

Mr. Charles Merchant

Linda Mobach

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Moennich

Dan and Marge Moore

Sarah W. Mortimer

Marion Mrazek

Music and Drama Club

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Napierkowski

Mr.* and Mrs. Clyde L. Nash

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Nedorost

Mary Jeanne Nelson*

Mr. Jim S. Nezu*

Thomas A. Nobbe

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Nodar

Craig and Sally Nordlund

Ms. Alice Norman*

onPoint Oncology, Inc.

Mrs. Mary L. Openshaw

Mr. Thomas Owen

Paladin Protective Systems, Inc.

Mr. Joseph Pena and Mrs. Judith Gray

Mr. Albert M. Pennybacker and Reverend Joan Campbell

Mrs. Grace Petot

Wilbur and Diane Leatherberry

PNC Wealth Management

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Poduska

Florence Z. Pollack

Martin and Patricia* Pope

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Powel, III

Edward Powell

Drs. Thomas and Theresa Pretlow

Madeleine M. Price

Wilbert* and Coral Queen

Dr. Jo Anne Randall

Vivian Reddick

Corinne Reid

Sarah J. Rice

Joan D. Riede

Mr. Dwight W. Robinson

Ms. Beverly Roese

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Rosenbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Rosenblatt

Mr. William G. Roser, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rotatori

Mary Jo Rourke

Maurine M. Ruggles*

Mr. and Mrs. Otmar Sackerlotzky

Michael J. Salkind and Sally Gill

Catherine A. Satola*

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scriven

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sebastian

William and Jane Shapard

Nancy Sherwin

Patricia Simonson

Nancy Sindelar*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Skolnik

Mrs. Mary L. D. Smullen

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smyser

Mrs. David Snapp

Ms. Carolyn Snyder-Kelly

Mr. Raymond Sole

Bonnie Spangler

Carol Steckel

Josephine Steinhurst

Sharon G. Sternberger

Ms. Ora Stock

Diane M. Strachan

Ms. Cindy Struk

Ms. Margaret Sullivan

Ms. Susan S. Sumner

Mike and Judy Swafford

Dr. and Mrs. Stan Tager

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Taylor

Suzanne Teague

Jane F. Thoburn*

George J. Thomey*

Beatrice E. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs.* Manfred Timpe

Mrs. F. Jerome Tone, III

Touchstone Renovations

Dr. Randall Travis and Dr. Ilona Engel

Bette Twaddell

United Way Services

Peter* and Roberta Van Dijk

Blanche A. Vanis

Lois A. Vickers

Mary T. Von Herrmann

Lee Ann Wadsworth

Kathryn Watterson

Jim and Molly Weaver

Byron and Christina Webster

Marilyn Louise Wehling

Ms. Sylvia A. Wehrs

Mrs. Kathleen Weizer

Helen M. Whitehouse

Mr. and Mrs. Dickson L. Whitney, Jr.

Marilyn M. Wilde*

Ms. Betty J. Wilkins

Danny and Lin Williams

Mrs. Catherine Willkomm

Dudley D. Yost

Davis and Karen Young

Ann M. Zaller

Mr. Walter Zborowsky*

Linda Zimmerman

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