Practicing Situational Awareness

Part Two of Judson’s New Year’s Safety Series will discuss situational awareness. There has been an increase in violent crime throughout local Cleveland neighborhoods. While law enforcement is working diligently to put a stop to such trends, we want to share some safety tips to consider in the meantime.

Situational Awareness

Some crimes are NOT premeditated, rather based on opportunity. Adopt the following habits to appear less vulnerable:

  • Do not sit in your car in parking lots. Be ready to exit your car immediately upon parking. Waiting provides perpetrators time and opportunity
  • Before returning to your car, scan your surroundings and walk with your keys in-hand
  • Again, drive away immediately. You can balance your checkbook, organize bags, etc. once you have returned home safely
  • Do not stop for individuals approaching your car for any reason, even if they seem distressed. Rather, drive away and call law enforcement from a safe location if you are concerned
  • Observe anyone who may be following you in your car. If you suspect you are being followed, do not drive home. Instead, remain calm and drive to a police station

Plan Your Trips

While there is of course no way to eliminate the possibility of crime, proper planning can help minimize risk:

  • Run errands with family or friends; individuals make much easier targets
  • Plan to leave and return home from errands within daylights hours
  • Drive with doors locked and windows up
  • Carry a fully-charged phone with you at all times
  • Check the weather before leaving as inclement conditions can be further disorienting and distracting
  • Carry valuables, such as purses, discreetly
  • Keep expensive belongings hidden in your car, preferably in the trunk
  • Avoid drive-up ATMs

Do Not Fight

Remember, no item or belonging is worth your safety:

  • If you find yourself in such a scenario, give your vehicle over immediately
  • Leave all items in your vehicle. Everything can be sorted out with banks and insurance later
  • Consider purchasing anti-theft GPS tracking devices for your vehicle if you are concerned

Key Points

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Travel in groups during the day
  • If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, do not fight. Surrender requested items without question. Belongings can be recovered later with the help of law enforcement

While recent crime trends are alarming, the odds of anything happening to you are still very low. However, chance favors the prepared. As always, your Judson Security team is here to help!

Judson Park Security: 216-791-2880

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