Judson Services, Inc. Board of Directors

Judson’s volunteer Board of Directors is a dynamic and diverse group with a passion for our not-for-profit mission. The vision and dedication of the board and corporate executive staff ensure that Judson remains an innovative leader in programs and living options for older adults.

Judson Services, Inc. Board of Directors

Terms are three years each with a maximum of two terms. Board members may return after an absence of one year.

  • Rex G. Mason, Chair
  • Samuel S. Hartwell, Vice Chair
  • Douglas Wang, Treasurer
  • Barbara L. Hawley, Secretary
  • James D. Vail, Assistant Secretary
  • Richard H. Bamberger
  • Pamela B. Davis
  • Mac Donley
  • Ardeshir Z. Hashmi
  • Roger W. Kallock (Resident)
  • Gretchen S. Larson (Resident)
  • Thomas A. Nobbe
  • Sara G. Peckham
  • Jane Penttila
  • Sonja C. Raiki
  • Timothy Reynolds
  • Stephen J. Strnisha
  • Davis Young

Judson Foundation Board of Directors

  • Kevin B. Shaw, Chair
  • Douglas Wang, Treasurer
  • Barbara L. Hawley, Secretary
  • James D. Vail, Assistant Secretary
  • W.A. “Bud” Baeslack, III
  • Richard H. Bamberger
  • Thomas G. Brick
  • Samuel S. Hartwell
  • Roger W. Kallock (Resident)
  • Catherine S. Koppelman, RN, MSN
  • Gretchen S. Larson
  • The Very Rev. Tracey Lind
  • Bruce A. Loessin
  • Rex G. Mason
  • Timothy Reynolds
  • John P. Schneider
  • Allen H. Ford (Emeritus)
  • Cynthia H. Dunn (Ex-Officio)

Judson Home Care Board of Directors

  • Sara G. Peckham, Chair
  • Richard H. Bamberger
  • Stuart Crampton
  • Roger W. Kallock
  • Donald Kuhn
  • Thomas Nobbe
  • Marie Rowley
  • Douglas Wang