What to Look for in a Membership Program

Here are some key things to consider when shopping for a membership program:

  • Reputation- Find out if the agency or organization has a strong community presence and positive reputation.
  • Customer Satisfaction- Be sure to talk with current members and let them share their experiences. They can give you first-hand knowledge of how a program works when needs arise.
  • Flexibility- To serve the various and ever-changing needs of seniors, a supportive service provider must have the flexibility to pivot and provide personalized care based on your unique needs.
  • Care Coordination- A good caregiving organization should become a partner that walks beside you and allows you to maintain control. It is important to understand the process your supportive services follow when care-coordination is necessary.
  • Socialization- Socialization is an important key to living a full and healthy life. Membership/support programs should offer a variety of options to keep you engaged.
  • Health/Wellness- A vibrant health and wellness program will contribute to your physical and mental health and often provides the added benefit of socialization too!
  • Individualized Care- Membership programs should have a team of people who know you, not only from a medical perspective but also from a personal perspective. This helps to build trust between the member and the Judson team, and create better coordination of services.
  • Personal Assistance- Your membership program should be the “go-to” resource for health and daily living advice and assistance. If they don’t have the answers, they should be willing to refer you to someone who does.
  • Long-Term Care Options- As we age, our needs can change. Choose an organization that has a relationship with reputable and vibrant long term-care options. If your plans to stay at home change for some unforeseen reason, this makes a transition much easier.
  • Cost commitment- Be sure you understand all the costs involved in a membership program. You will want to be sure you know what is included in your fees. Some programs may not include enough services, while others may charge for services that you don’t want or need.
  • Cancellation- It is always important to understand cancellation policies for any program or service provider. If your needs change you will want to know your options.

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