Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions that we hear about our Judson at Home program, however, you may have more questions. If so, we’re here to answer them. Contact our concierge line at (216) 292-9563 for more information.

Why would I choose Judson at Home over a competitor?

We are the only service that supports older adults whose goal is to continue living independently at-home that is part of a fully integrated, comprehensive nonprofit CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community). This means we operate our own healthcare facilities, including a rehab center and outpatient services, have residential alternatives available if you decide to change your living situation, and offer three different wellness facilities (including two pools). All that and the only resident-run semi-professional theater company that we know of in the United States!

Judson has been serving Northeast Ohio since 1906. We have a solid, long-standing reputation of strong service to the community and a commitment to older adults remaining the authors of their own life story.


I am active and don’t have any medical issues, why should I sign up for Judson at Home?

Judson at Home is a forward-thinking program for people who have decided they want to remain in their own homes. Although members sign up for a variety of reasons, the number one reason is peace of mind and a sense of connection. And that’s what we are about.

Do I have to be perfectly healthy and free of pre-existing conditions to join?

No health screening is necessary. Our goal is to serve you based on your current needs and circumstances.

What if my plans change and I no longer want to stay at home?

We understand that plans change.  Contact a Judson at Home team member for assistance to help  you to determine your best options and choices.

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