Bringing Retirement to Life

On the heels of a worldwide pandemic, people understand the importance of community now more than ever. As we age, family, friends, and neighbors provide an invaluable safety net of support. Those who live far from loved ones may experience loneliness and isolation, and in turn, an increased risk of developing physical or mental health conditions.

Given these challenges, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) uphold an increasingly important opportunity to provide community-oriented living, engaging programming, and reliable wellness resources for seniors. In fact, there has perhaps never been a better time to consider making the move! Give yourself the gift of a vibrant community, expert services, and most importantly, peace of mind.

When is the right time to move to a Retirement Community or CCRC?

During retirement, many people downsize from a family home to a townhouse or condo. However, this often proves to be a temporary move once realized you do not have all of the support to thrive. An absence of resources may lead to rapid health decline.  After all, our needs change as we get older. If our living environment fails to address that, we may face tough choices in the road ahead. The reality is this: The only living option that provides all levels of care and addresses the challenges we face as we age is the CCRC model.

There is much to consider when moving to a CCRC, however, it is wise to do so while you still have the physical and emotional stamina to enjoy the benefits. Some people have concerns about moving “too soon,” but waiting may mean missing out on the very reasons people are attracted to these communities in the first place. Consider the following advantages:

  1. Involvement: A primary benefit of living in a CCRC is having access to an array of engaging activities, amenities, and services. Many of these perks take place on-site, but more and more CCRCs are offering ways for residents to stay involved in their broader community via intergenerational programs, volunteer service projects, continuing education classes, and opportunities to take on new hobbies and more. Moving sooner allows you to benefit from these activities.
  2. Wellness: While CCRCs offer a continuum of services, the goal is to provide residents with a safety net of support to ensure independence for as long as possible. Hence, this is why CCRCs provide comprehensive wellness programs which may include access to fitness trainers, aerobics and yoga classes, fitness and aquatic centers, personalized meal plans, and more. Mental and physical stimulation prolongs independence for seniors.
  3. Relationships: CCRC residents often say that one of the greatest things about making the move to their community is the friendships they form with other residents. This network of close, supportive friends can be especially beneficial should healthcare issues arise in the future. Those who wait too long to make their CCRC move may miss out on the opportunity to develop such meaningful relationships.
  4. Smoother transition: Moving becomes increasingly difficult as we age—both physically and mentally. Moving can be overwhelming and stressful.  Those who are younger (relatively speaking), able-bodied, and in good health are able to handle the transition more easily. On the other hand, those who are older and frailer when they make a move may be more likely to experience relocation stress syndrome (RSS), a condition characterized by symptoms like anxiety, confusion, and loneliness.

Perhaps nobody better exemplifies modern CCRC living than Judson Park resident, Nancy Sherwin. “I would be so isolated if I was home by myself,” says Nancy, relating how Judson Park residents look forward to Hallway Holler, a tradition that started amidst Covid-19. “We all stand at our doors and talk to each other down the hall, and now it continues when we gather at the elevators between 7 and 8 p.m. on Saturdays.” She adds, “They took such good care of us here during Covid.”

As we transition into a new normal, consider what you want your retirement journey to look like within the evolving social fabric. CCRC models are designed to fluctuate with your individual needs but also with the circumstances of the outside world. It is difficult to picture ourselves in the next phase of life when we are enjoying our current state. However, by planning ahead, you can make thoughtful decisions that will fulfill your goals for the next chapters.

Judson allows you to connect with what inspires you most. Residents enjoy local cultural events, luxury amenities, life-long learning opportunities, and much more. Our expert services allow you to age with grace, providing as little or as much assistance as necessary. Take it from Judson resident, Harry Koppel, “As our needs change over time, so will Judson in how they support us. Everything we need is under one roof.”

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