12 Big Design Trends For Small Spaces

We’ve got some big ideas for your small space—tips that will make your cozy apartment lighter, brighter and brimming with storage. There are many advantages to small-space living, and you can make the most of your surroundings by trying these design trends today!

1. Clear the Way. Opt for a glass coffee table and clear furniture that appears to take up no space at all. You’ll keep the mood nice and open while getting the surface area and storage you need.

2. Light it Up. Use lots of lamps (torch-style saves space) to light up your space. The idea is to keep your apartment light and bright, visually creating more space.

3. Go for Legs. Furniture that sits directly on the floor looks chunkier and can take up more space. Plus, there’s zero opportunity for storing items underneath. Choose furniture like couches and chairs that have legs for an airier, lighter look.

4. Mirror, Mirror. You’ll double the size of your space, at least visually, by hanging a large wall mirror. Mirrors lighten, brighten and enlarge even the smallest spaces (like entryways).

5. Hang Big Art. Don’t shy away from larger pieces of art for walls. In fact, big art and wall hangings can actually expand the look of your space, especially if you choose pieces with interesting color effects (such as receding tones).

6. Think Tall. Floor space is just one aspect of the room you have to play with in your cozy apartment. Look up—and realize the possibilities that wall space provides all the way up to the ceiling. Shelves that go the distance will buy you more room. Check out more storage tips here >

7. Be Bold. White walls do make spaces feel larger, but expand your color palette and explore deep hues that add interest and can do an equal job of making a small space look big. Yes, we’re saying it’s OK to go dark brown or charcoal, but try a glossy finish that adds a reflective feel. As for painting that powder room-sized bath, take that bold color up to the ceiling to create a uniform look that appears larger.

8. Edit Your Stuff. Do you really use that [fill in the blank]? When is the last time you wore that jacket? Are you sure you want to buy those shoes? Take a good hard look at your wardrobe and belongings, keeping only what you cherish and use all the time. Pass on the things that simply collect dust. One tip: For every new thing you bring in to your home, take something out.

9. Buy a Storage Bed. You can forego a dresser if your bed offers drawer space. Check out the range of storage bed designs available today and choose one that suits your taste. Then, in the spot where you would have placed a dresser, place a floor-to-ceiling shelf to gain more storage.

10. Scale Down. Overstuffed couches and sectionals are great—if you’ve got more room than you know what to do with. Opt for furniture that has a slim profile (sides, legs) and pay close attention to the scale of pieces you bring into your space.

11. Blend Furniture. Choose pieces that blend in with floors and walls for a uniform, larger look. Apply this rule to storage shelves and furniture pieces.

12. Love Your Space! Enjoy the cozy feeling a smaller space provides, and the satisfaction of knowing that every piece of furniture, book and item in your place holds meaning. Of course, there’s less to clean and maintain in a smaller apartment, and the space you do have will gain your full attention. We bet you’ll feel more organized in every aspect of your life, and fulfilled by the fact that every aspect of your living environment was carefully cultivated as an expression of you.

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