Case Community Card

Community Card Offers Residents Greater Access

All Judson residents are eligible to receive a Case Community Card. With this card, residents receive special benefits, including access to university facilities, advanced notifications about university programs and special events, as well as the opportunity to obtain special discounts at select campus retail establishments.

Benefit highlights of the Case Community Card program:

Access to utilize CWRU facilities

  • The Alumni House
  • Kelvin Smith Library
  • Dittrick Museum of Medical History
  • Sears think[box]

Special Discounts

  • Barnes and Noble Campus Bookstore
  • Veale Recreation Center and Gym membership
  • One to One Fitness Center membership

Annual CWRU Special events and programs*

  • Class auditing (specific courses)
  • Writer’s Center Stage
  • Siegel Lifelong Learning Programs
  • ThinkForum
  • Power of Diversity Lecture Series
  • Inamori Ethics Symposium

*Some events and programs require additional fees

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