Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Featuring Connie Miller

Welcome to “Won’t you be my neighbor?” a series of blog posts that introduces you to Judson residents and shares more about their respective journeys to Judson! This week, meet Connie Miller, a resident of South Franklin Circle since 2016:

Connie Miller did extensive research before choosing a retirement community. “I drove and drove and drove” – nearly from one side of the state to the other –“trying to find a place where I thought I would like to live,” recalls this retired registered nurse. Finally, her son, who lives in Chagrin Falls, prevailed upon her to check out South Franklin Circle.

“I resisted at first,” she admits. But when she received an invitation to visit the campus, that resistance began to fade.

“First, I determined I could afford it. Then, I looked around and I liked it.  The colors, the stonework, the landscaping: It was all very attractive.”

And finally, after touring several apartments, she saw one that hit the mark. “I gave myself 30 days to unpack, and then I told myself I would go out and meet people – and that’s exactly what I did.” In fact, she says, those people have turned out to be the most rewarding part of her Judson experience.

“Whether it’s the residents, the person who removes the trash, or a top administrator, it is always the same: These are just lovely people, and it’s so easy to be around them.”

Interested in being Connie’s neighbor? Learn more about our South Franklin Circle Campus!


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