Meredith Seikel Promotes Active Aging at Judson with a Generous Gift

It is widely known that you are never too old to start exercising. No matter your age or ability, regular exercise is proven to be good for your physical and mental health. Thanks to the generosity of Meredith Seikel, Judson Manor residents have four new fitness machines to help them keep their bodies strong and their minds sharp.

For Meredith, a fitness routine has always been a part of life. Growing up on the prairie in Colorado, she learned to ride horses at an early age. In high school, she took up snow skiing and slalom racing. As an adult, she became a cycling enthusiast. Later in life, she met her husband, Oliver, and gave him his first bicycle. One ride and he was hooked. The couple shared a passion for cycling, peddling across Europe and North America. Together they advocated for cyclists, promoting greenway development in Europe and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, among other initiatives, in the United States.

While she no longer rides outdoors, Meredith proves that age is just a number inside on her exercycle. To keep her youthful edge, she also incorporates weight training and stretching into her fitness routine. “Everyone is different,” said Meredith. “We’re not all aging in the same way. I wanted to encourage others to continue to stay active by replacing some of the older, large pieces of equipment with newer machines that are easier to use.”

Choosing equipment that is safe and enjoyable for older adults can be a challenge. Meredith’s gift and the new pieces of exercise equipment she helped select made an immediate impact. After the first orientation to the new machines in January 2020, several residents decided to continue their fitness journeys with personal training. With this gift and the help of Judson’s wellness experts, Meredith’s friends and neighbors will not only add years to their lives, but also add life to their years.

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