In 1981, Judson Smart Living® founded its first intergenerational collaboration with Ruffing Montessori School in Cleveland Heights. Today, with the support of generous donors, Judson works with more than 40+ different educational and civic groups on curriculum-based programs that serve as a national model for connecting generations, enriching lives and stimulating the minds of all ages.

“Intergenerational” has become a bit of a buzz-word. But the difference with Judson’s approach is that the collaborations move beyond a generic “program”-they offer participants a platform to share and realize new experiences and give back to the greater community.

Watch a video from CBC News – The National that captures Judson’s unique intergenerational collaboration with the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Courtesy of CBC News

The projects represent a rich and dynamic cross-section of age, location and activity. Young people – pre-school to college-age and beyond – engage with Judson residents on a daily basis. In return, Judson residents are out in the community, volunteering at schools and with community groups, actively mentoring the next generation. Judson’s locations in University Circle, Cleveland’s cultural and educational hub, and the beautiful Chagrin Valley, offer myriad opportunities for meaningful exchanges.

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