A Comprehensive Approach to Healthy Aging

Choosing a Retirement Community is about proactively managing your quality of life as you age. A move to Independent Living at South Franklin Circle offers creative opportunities for healthy aging, as well as, a variety of programs to stay connected to familiar experiences or explore new territory. In addition, a full continuum of health services is available should you need them. These health services include: assisted living, memory care, home care and skilled nursing care support. With one move, you can enjoy this chapter of your life in an inspiring and supportive community, free from the hassles of home ownership and with the peace of mind knowing that future health care needs will be available.

How does the process work?

  • Residents join the community as active, independent adults by selecting a home or apartment of their choice.
  • Upon selection, a 10% deposit (of selected entry fee) is made to hold that home until the resident moves into the community.
  • Residents pay a one- time entry fee and an ongoing monthly service fee. The fee varies based on the residence chosen and whether it is occupied as a single person or a couple.

The Entry Fee

How does the Entry Fee work?

The Entry Fee at South Franklin Circle is 75% refundable. A 75% refundable Entry Fee is where 75% of the entry fee is refunded to the resident or estate upon termination of the contract. Should you live in the community for fewer than six years, a portion of the other 25% of the Entry Fee you paid will be refunded to you in addition to the 75% guaranteed refund.

Benefits of choosing a retirement community with an entry fee:

  • You have access to a full continuum of healthcare services should you need it
  • Discounts on future healthcare services that you utilize
  • Medical deduction tax benefits
  • Estate preservation (75% refund)
  • The benefit of Community and the support and peace of mind that comes with it

Entry Fee Range:

75% Refundable Entry Fee: $261,000 – $630,000

*Second person fee applies

Monthly Fees

What does the monthly service fee include?

  • Bi-weekly housekeeping service
  • Linen service
  • Utilities including:
    • high-speed Internet service
    • basic cable television
    • heat/air conditioning
    • water
    • electricity
  • Monthly Dining allowance for use in multiple dining venues
  • Scheduled transportation services to scheduled, local trips/appointments
  • All maintenance, including:
    • Building & Home repairs
    • Grounds keeping/landscaping
    • Snow removal
    • Trash Removal
  • Social/Recreational/Educational Programs & Events
  • Unlimited access to Lifetime membership to the Health & Wellness Programming including:
    • Fitness Classes & Instruction
    • Warm water pool, hot tub, sauna
    • Fitness Center
  • 24-hour personal emergency call system
  • 24-hour security
  • Property taxes and property insurance
  • 10 days of free, temporary care at Crane House Assisted living or Judson Health Center per year
  • Discounted Health Services fees(as needed)

Starting Monthly fees:

Starting Monthly Fee: $3,161

*Second person monthly fee applies

Additional Information

Tax Benefits

Will I benefit from any tax deductions for moving into Judson?

Based on information provided in 2016 by the IRS in publication 502 covering medical expense and long term care deductions, you may be entitled to a medical expense deduction on your Federal income tax return for a portion of the entry fee or monthly services fees paid to Judson. Please consult with your tax accountant to determine your tax deduction eligibility.

Important Factors in Selecting a Full Continuum of Care

While moving into a retirement community with a full continuum of health services is a wise lifestyle and financial strategy for future long term planning, there are other important benefits that allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest with peace of mind and security for the future.

These benefits include:

  • Cultural, educational, spiritual and travel opportunities
  • Many special events throughout the year that enrich mind, body, and spirit
  • Intergenerational-friendly amenities and activities including warm water pool, art studio, game room, pool, fishing ponds, family events/programs
  • Full support in the event of a significant change in health of you or your spouse, and the reduction of stress from just knowing you have any level of support you might need
  • The sense of community that develops from the company of like minded neighbors as well as the many benefits of socialization
  • Peace of mind for family members and other friends/caregivers who would feel secure in knowing you have full support in the event of any health-related event.
  • The convenience of many services under one roof, including a full service spa, restaurants, libraries, recreational facilities, fitness center, social gathering areas, health clinic and many more.