Witnessing the Great Migration in Tanzania – Adventure Series Part 2

This is the second post in the Adventures in Retirement Series highlighting how independent living residents are making the most of this next chapter of their lives. Resident Dick Hartz is a seasoned world traveler who has visited over 80 countries.  Below he shares about his recent trip to Tanzania, including some amazing photos.

Moving from Arizona to South Franklin Circle five years ago did nothing to slow down Dick Hartz.

Most recently he visited Tanzania as part of a tour with Overseas Adventure Travel.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Dick. “Witnessing the animal migration was amazing.”

An amateur photographer, Dick captured hundreds of photos with his trusty Nikon camera. With its 40x zoom lens he could get up close and personal with some otherwise dangerous animals like lions, cheetahs and rhinoceros.

The group stayed in tented camps throughout the Serengeti. “Each day we went sight-seeing in a Land Rover,” he says. “It was exciting to see the lions and the great migration of wildebeests and zebras across the land, as far as you could see in both directions. We also stopped and got to meet the inhabitants of a Maasi Village.”

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Dick enjoys the convenience of living at South Franklin Circle because he can get up and go when he pleases and his apartment is taken care of while he’s gone. When he’s in town he spends time with a circle of friends, many of whom moved to South Franklin Circle from out of state.

Why does he travel? “It’s great to discover a different side of a country then the way it’s normally perceived,” says Dick. “For example, Vietnam was a beautiful country and is Communist in name only. The streets in Hanoi, the capital, are literally filled with motorcycles. The only way to get across is to launch out into them, hoping that they will steer around you. And much to your surprise, and safety, they do.”

His most memorable trip was Antarctica. “I visited the island of South Georgia, an old whaling village owned by Great Britain, twice. There are only six people who live there and millions of penguins!”

What’s next on his agenda? “I’m going to Ireland in August, one of the two countries in Europe that I haven’t yet visited.”

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