What Really is the Difference Between a Condo and a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

As we age we’re faced with some major life choices; notably, how to adjust our living situation to our evolving lifestyle. Many people near retirement begin to contemplate the various choices.

For most, the decision is obvious; sell the family home and move somewhere that provides more freedom and requires less maintenance. This usually means moving to a condo or town home.

While this sounds ideal, it usually just trades one set of homeowner headaches for another. Instead of making a real estate decision, make it a lifestyle decision. Consider yet another option. Luxury retirement communities offer everything that other living options provide, but then take it a large step further.

Our CCRC vs. Condo guide will better equip you to plan for your future, include the lifestyle and financial benefits of moving to a CCRC, and break down the costs of a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

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