What is a Vial of Life?

The Vial of Life is a safe and effective way to provide paramedics and firefighters with your crucial personal information and medical history if you are unable to communicate in the event of an emergency.

How Do I Use the Vial of Life?

There are four easy steps to using the Vial of Life:

  • Fill out the information completely, making sure it is current and legible.
  • Fold the completed information form and place it in the plastic vial. Note: If you have a “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) form, be sure to attach a copy.
  • Place the vial containing your medical information on your refrigerator door (it’s self-sticking).
  • Place the Vial of Life sticker on your front door – this notifies emergency personnel where your vial is located.

Make sure to check your information annually and make updates accordingly. Also, be sure to make a few extra copies in case your copy is removed in an emergency.

Do you or your loved one have a Vial of Life? You can get one for free by filling out your information below.

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