Wellness in Spotlight as Guests Get Fit with Joan Pagano

Last week, we hosted two wonderful events featuring Cleveland native and fitness expert Joan Pagano and her presentation Aging Gracefully Takes Muscle.

Joan wowed crowds at both Judson Park and South Franklin Circle with the following statistics:

  • 10% of Americans over age 65 even claim to be doing any form of strength training
  • 15-20% of American adults are regularly active
  • Judson residents surpass the averages with 60-80% participation rate across all three campuses

At Judson Park, visitors joined our personal trainers in cardio drumming, a fun way to get your heartrate up!

At South Franklin Circle, Chef Chris Koshar and his team prepared an amazing display of healthy foods including vegetables and guacamole, hummus, salsa, smoothies, and granola bars!

If you missed the event, but are looking to start an exercise program, Joan offered the following tips:

  • Get professional guidance
  • Choose your equipment: classes, gym, pool, home workout
  • Target major muscle groups
  • Gradual progression: start with weights that you can lift in good form; intensify as you build strength
  • Work out on non-consecutive days

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