This Father’s Day, Reflect on Memorable Moments

Father’s Day, which happily coincides with the first day of summer, takes place this Sunday as a long-standing day of paternal celebration and memory-making. This cherished holiday is always associated with warm weather, grilling out, and, most importantly, spending quality time with Dad.

This Father’s Day certainly looks different than in years past. With the state of Ohio reopening, we now find ourselves slowly stepping out to stretch our legs, while staying cautious and socially distant. Therefore, we all wonder what this year’s holiday celebrations may entail.

Although we may not be able to follow all of our favorite tried and true Father’s Day traditions this year, we can still happily look back together at memorable celebrations from the past and look forward to future meaningful moments!

One resident of Judson Manor, Dr. Robert Klein, recalls a special Father’s Day that took place across the ocean.

Dr. Klein had promised his son a trip to anywhere in the world when he turned 14, and the pair wound up in London, England that June. Unbeknownst to Dr. Klein, while they were busy taking in the sights and attending several shows, his son had a secret surprise planned for him. He had been saving up his allowance and had borrowed some extra money from his mother.

On Father’s Day, he surprised his dad by taking him to the century-old restaurant Simpson’s, which is still famous to this day for its fantastic roast beef. His son paid for the entire meal, making the trip extra special for his dad. Along with the souvenirs from their journey, Dr. Klein brought home this great cherished memory.

Doug Berger, a longtime associate of Judson, remembers a special Father’s Day that took place with all of his daughters and grandchildren.

Doug, the cook of the house, was always in charge of every meal. However, on this particular Father’s Day, his family wanted to return the favor. They set out to cook every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“They all worked together on breakfast and lunch. For dinner, my oldest daughter made steak,” Doug recalls. “The kids were responsible for dessert, and they made Jell-O”. 

Doug looks back fondly on that special day. “It something they wanted to do for me since I’m the one always making meals for them. It was a really sweet thing for them to do, and a good memory”.

If you have a wonderful Father’s Day memory, allow yourself to revisit it through a photo, conversation, or self-reflection. Furthermore, let your children know why you cherish this memory and how much they mean to you. And best of all, memories made from this unique Father’s Day will grow into cherished ones as well, as a true testament to familial strength and love. Perhaps we will soon reminisce about this Father’s Day and recall it to be the best celebration yet!


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