Spreading the good news about Judson’s creative arts therapy program

Congratulations to Cathy Bryan, Judson’s coordinator of creative arts therapy, and Barbara Streeter, child and adolescent psychoanalyst and daughter of Judson Park resident, George Streeter, M.D. Cathy and Barbara were distinguished speakers at the opening of the “Expressive Arts Therapies As Medicine” conference in Alexandria, Virginia, April 12-14, 2013.

Following a premiere showing of the documentary film “Yes, You Can,” their presentation focused on art therapy pioneer, George Streeter, M.D., who co-founded the first art therapy studio in the United States in 1967. Barbara provided an overview of her father’s life-long pursuits in art, including recent drawings done in art therapy sessions with Cathy that he completes from memory despite vision loss.

Dr. Streeter’s model served as a blueprint and inspiration for Judson’s nationally recognized Creative Arts Therapy Program. Cathy also highlighted the many benefits of Judson’s successful artist-in-residence initiative, citing the unique way Judson incorporates the arts in a living environment by having artists living and working in-house.

For more information about Judson’s Creatie Arts Therapy Program and how it impacts residents throughout Judson, please call 1-888-574-1906 or click here.

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