Judson Rolls Out Monthly Spotlight Awards to Highlight Stellar Associates

In 2019, Judson Senior Living began an associate of the month program in order to recognize the excellent performance of our associates. Each month, nominations are submitted by residents, associates, or managers and are voted upon by a workforce development committee.

Congratulations to the winners of our Spotlight Awards since the beginning of 2019.

January 2019

Jacqui Meredith –Dining Services – South Franklin Circle

“Jacqui consistently does whatever needs to be done to make dining services succeed. She works doubles on Mondays, comes in on Saturdays as needed and covers in the Crane House when we have needs. Her job title is Bistro Manager but she never hesitates to help bake, help with Crane House, assist in Radius and catering. Even when the shift is staff challenged, Jacqui just gets the job done without complaining to everyone. She is a very talented baker as well. Jacqui listens to our members and makes sure they are well taken care of. She anticipates what needs to be done and takes care of it.”

Larry Stephens – Transportation –  Judson Park 

“We would like to recognize and thank Larry the van driver for his assistance when she suffered a “privacy issue”. He quickly reacted and got her emergency medical assistance. Additionally, he then came to check on her multiple times at the hospital as well as when she returned to Judson. It was so nice to see her face brighten when she heard his voice. He was a tremendous comfort to her and us.”

Kathy Delaney – Reception – Judson Manor

“Kathy is always on time. She deals with all residents in a helping, polite, courteous, intelligent, friendly, knowledgeable manner. She goes out of her way to be helpful. Judson Manor is very lucky because we have so many employees who are A-1 top-notch. She really brings something special to Judson Manor.”

February 2019

Brett McDonald – Security – South Franklin Circle

“Brett is quick to get involved in any emergency situation. He makes quick and accurate assessments with calm execution. It is very clear that learning and adjusting based on past experience and constant improvement are his goals. He goes the extra distance to help and adjusts his time and attention to satisfy the needs for members and staff.”

Recardo Sales – Security – Judson Park 

“Recardo is such a pleasant person and is always greeting people who come in by name. His mannerisms are so extraordinary. He is always lending an extra hand in any situation”

Linda O’Neil – Environmental Services – Judson Manor

“Linda provides excellent housekeeping services and leaves my apartment with a fresh and clean appearance every week.”

“Linda has not missed her appointment with me in three years. She seems almost tireless, working with speed and dexterity. She is a delight to have around. Linda is always joyful and friendly and always has good things to say about working here.”

“Although Linda does not clean my apartment, those that she does clean sing the praises in every regard. Her smile and cheery hello lifts our spirits. Linda is a gem.”

March 2019

Claudia Diaconu-Visan – Dining Services – South Franklin Circle 

“Claudia is always a pleasant, competent server who knows our names and remembers our preferences. For example, she always remembers to provide “R” with an extra napkin because she recognizes his disability. She is a professional in every sense and displays the values of Judson perfectly.”

Ola Saxon – Environmental Services – Judson Park 

“Ola has been my housekeeper for 5 years and has worked at Judson for more than 20 years in many different areas. Ola is charitable, professional and extremely friendly and hard working. There is nothing she can’t do or won’t do. All you have to do is ask and she will do it with a smile. She is helpful to others and a good friend too. 5***** to all!! She is the kind of worker we need more of.”

Cynthia Logan – Security/Reception – Judson Manor

“Cynthia helped to fix my ride arrangements that were “fouled” up. She immediately spotted the problem and with energy she quickly corrected the problem and helped us by intercepting a few people to avoid making an unnecessary trip and restoring the original plans.”

April 2019


Roosevelt Hill – Environmental Services – South Franklin Circle 

“Roosevelt is always friendly.  He is helpful if needed and looks for ways to be helpful.  He is a very special person for all of the residents.  All around he is a very nice guy.  We are lucky to have him working at South Franklin Circle!”

Jim Barnes – Social Work – Judson Park 

“Jim handles everything that comes his way with a thorough can do attitude.  He follows up, resolves issues, is very resident focused and is always professional.”

Aisha Mills – Nursing – Judson Manor

“Provides excellent care and follows up faithfully.  Certainly goes above and beyond with the help she gives me.” 

“For the past couple of months I experienced a medical issue.  During this time I had to wear a medical device and had to have three procedures to correct the problem.  Throughout the ordeal, Aisha helped me in numerous ways.  She visited me regularly in our apt to check up on my progress.  She provided me with spare parts for the equipment I was using.  She served as intermediary with our elusive primary care physician, and arranged for an appointment for a second opinion.  She is always discreet, efficient and warmly pleasant.  She assists both of us in making appointments for office visits or blood draws.  Aisha is a real asset to Judson Manor and we appreciate her attentions and presence.”

May 2019

Rob Walk – Dining Services – South Franklin Circle 

“Rob has always been the lead of Radius. He is always “on”.  He greets each member by name and knows their likes and dislikes.  He takes care of the menus, the system, set ups, to go orders and strives to make dining at SFC a great experience.  We still succeed despite staffing challenges.  SFC dining is busier than ever and we are lucky and appreciative to have a true professional to count on.”

Vanessa Glover – Security – Judson Park 

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Vanessa Glover for the award.  She is always very pleasant and professional as she greets and assists guests.  She has proven herself to be one of the nicest, most reliable people at Judson.  She is always willing to go beyond her required duties and is very friendly and courteous to all she meets.  She makes it her business to keep herself appraised of the events taking place here and goes out of her way to make sure she is available.  She consistently exhibits the qualities of an outstanding employee and is deserving of this recognition. (2)  Last Friday after dinner, I guided two residents back to their homes on Hillside.  When we reached one of their apartments, it was found that the resident did not have her key fob and was distressed because she indicated she “forgets it all the time”.  I called the magic number 2880 and Vanessa answered.  I explained the problem and she was up in two minutes to fix the problem.  She approached the situation with a comforting and forgiving manner, and opened the door for her.  I was impressed with Vanessa’s sensitivity to the situation. (3)  She is alert, inviting, smiling and professional.  She listens to all, is willing to help various requests, follows through, and communicates PROGRESS.  She’s turned off smoke alarms on weekends, found telephone numbers for us when no one else could.  She reads board news that is not in the calendar aloud.  She is a treasure for the Judson residents.”

Cierra Goldsmith – Dining Services – Judson Manor 

“Cierra is one of those behind the scenes associates that you do not always see, but you know she is there.  She is a supportive team player and encourages staff to partake in company events.”

We are so proud of our associates at all three of our campuses.

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