South Franklin Circle Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

Last week, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the opening of South Franklin Circle in Chagrin Falls. Residents, board members, associates, friends and family gathered in the Community Center to toast the occasion. To commemorate this milestone, we asked South Franklin Circle residents to reflect on the past ten years, here are some highlights from the memories that have been shared:

 “Among my happiest memories are working with the lawn crew for the first few years – going out daily with my wheelbarrow to weed. For the last two summers it has been being a Loving Mother to the lawn crew seeing and expressing appreciation daily to them. I have appreciated the beauty of our grounds. I was told when I arrived that this was all communal property and I have identified as a caretaker of the whole. I see that I have made a difference here.”

“My husband and I watched the birth of South Franklin Circle 10 years ago from our Bainbridge residence. We loved the growth and development that we observed and enjoyed many drives through the land. We hoped to eventually live at SFC and were able to accomplish that in February 2018. We appreciate the open air, wooded, hilly landscape; the many talents and interest of other residents, along with their welcoming friendliness; the wellness program and variety of activities; the understanding of seniors that prevails; the comfort of our apartment and the availability of help that is present; the delicious food; and the interested staff in all areas.

Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary and thank you for all the hard work and planning that has allowed SFC to blossom!”

“The creation of the vibrant community that is South Franklin Circle is my fondest memory. Residents, staff and management day by day since the fall of 2009 through their actions, programs (like Dialogues, Men’s Group, and the Inaugural Year Rockwell Program with the Smithsonian Museum) and camaraderie and mutual respect and friendship have created this caring community that we call home.”

“Arriving in the Spring of 2010, I am a proud charter member of South Franklin Circle. From the beginning, I have thought of SFC as my new club. Since I was no longer playing golf, all my friends were here, the food was delicious, and the design of the place seemed to create a bucolic campus with the charming village of Chagrin falls to add to the ambiance!

It’s also a bonus that my far away children know I am happy and well taken care of and I have a comfortable rapport with the staff.”

“My most enduring memory over our ten years is the absolute resolve of this community to be successful. In my experience, great projects have a way to will themselves into existence. SFC has been the quintessential example of this. During design, huge challenges were overcome with Zoning, The Metro parks, The Army Corps of Engineers, The EPA, and Bainbridge Township. Getting to a finance-able construction budget was a 16 month ordeal. The quality of the product, the clarity of the mission, the dedication of the Judson Team, and the confidence of our Members to trust in our ability to “Bring Community to Life” brought this community to the successful level it is today and positions us to continue to grow, improve, and provide the highest quality services to our Members and Residents now and into the future.” – Bill Fehrenbach, Vice President

We are thankful for the past ten years and look forward to a bright future for the community of South Franklin Circle!

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