Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses

This wellness success story is part of an occasional series profiling individuals who have taken charge of their personal health and wellness through the wellness programs offered at all three of Judson’s communities.

Life is filled with simple, everyday pleasures. But most of us are moving so quickly that we miss out.

What steps can we take to slow down?

Well, how about putting one foot in front of the other?

Recently, residents and staff at Judson Park pondered this idea, and literally took steps-they formed a walking group. Dubbing themselves the “Ambler Ramblers,” the adventurous group takes leisurely jaunts through the beautiful Ambler Heights Historic District in Cleveland Heights which is home to Judson Park.

The “Ramblers” meet twice a week at 4:00 p.m. and as word spreads the group continues to grow. With the unique mix of staff and residents, everyone has the opportunity to learn new things about their walking companions-sharing stories, rich histories, some tall tales and the occasional corny joke. They’ve also discovered and experienced the neighborhood’s beautiful gardens, taking a few moments to “stop and smell the roses.”

After about 30 minutes the group returns to Judson Park relaxed and refreshed!

See what a few “small steps” can do? What are you waiting for-start moving!

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