Residents Translate Dance Into Visual Art

The big picture of wellness at Judson is engagement —community involvement, a sense of purpose, and giving back. It’s part of a holistic approach to building relationships, lifelong learning and enhancing quality of life. This includes exercising the mind and spirit, whether through artistic endeavors like painting and pottery, or attending lectures and engaging in lifelong learning.

Which is why Judson forged one of its most recent partnerships with GroundWorks Dance Theater, a local studio that gave residents the opportunity to translate dance into visual interpretations.

GroundWorks is a contemporary dance company that uses dance as a format for engaging, educating and enlivening communities. The nationally recognized group is led by Executive Artistic Director David Shimotakahara.

Most recently, GroundWorks and Judson collaborated on Action/Reaction, a program designed to introduce dance to those who have little or no experience with the performance art and to help them connect and understand contemporary dance. The interactive program included a workshop at Judson Park, a rehearsal observation at GroundWorks’ studio in Shaker Square, and the grand finale: attending the performance.

The “reaction” to all the components by Judson residents included collage, painting, three-dimensional work and lighting interpretations.

Watch the video below to see the Action/Reaction program in action!


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