Residents Rave About Moving Assistance Programs

Judson takes the stress out of moving, offering every new resident complimentary moving and real estate services from expert professionals.

Moving By Design

Susan Kent is the owner of Moving by Design, a company that has coordinated moves for Judson residents for more than 20 years. “Moving can be a fairly emotional time, and many residents are grateful for the resource,” says Susan. Susan plays a vital role in transitioning residents into a new phase of life at all three of Judson’s campuses.

With an art history degree from Yale and a master’s in landscape architecture from the University of Virginia, Susan is well-equipped to bring a designer’s touch to the moving process. Her no-nonsense, practical attitude makes for a calm, organized move to Judson.

Services include:

  • Meeting with the resident in their current home, well in advance of the move
  • Helping decide which furnishings to take and suggest how they might be arranged
  • Layout furniture plans to scale for the new home
  • Work with any other designers on customizations
  • Organize and sort prior to the move
  • Link resident to charities, liquidators, and antique dealers
  • Schedule and coordinate movers
  • Assist on day of move, to insure boxes are labeled and organized
  • Unpack boxes day of move, and help put items away
  • Hang pictures and assist with final touches for the new home

Dr. Roger and Nancy Welchans, new residents at Judson Park, have experienced Susan’s expertise first hand. Susan assisted the couple both in their previous home, and their new home at Judson Park.

“Susan was extremely useful in helping with moving arrangements as well as with the furnishings before the move,” says Roger. He appreciated her speed and intensity as well as aesthetic capability. Nancy added that Susan “understands what you are telling her almost before you are finished,” a trait she finds all too rare.

Susan thrilled the Welchans with how she positioned their existing furniture in their new home and in a way that felt comfortable. “She deserves all the credit in making our new home so inviting,” says Nancy.

Real Estate Services

Lee-Ann Spacek, a real estate consultant and advocacy professional, offers an array of services ranging from creating a timeline and helping you select an expert realtor in your market area, to recommending ways to prepare and stage your home.

Services include:

  • In-home consultation
  • Determining a property’s fair market value using two competitive brokers and Broker Price Opinions
  • Recommendations for staging and preparing the house for market
  • Management and monitoring of the listing and sale processes
  • Ongoing communication and updates

South Franklin Circle resident Corinne Reid worked with both Lee-Ann and Susan during her moving process. Lee-Ann assisted Corrine, and with the help of Corrine’s realtor, the team was able to sell her house in less than a day. Susan drew up a beautiful plan of her future cottage and helped her decide where to place furniture.

Corrine really enjoyed both Lee-Ann and Susan’s company and advice throughout the entire moving process. “It’s been a wonderful experience,” she says.

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