Resident Loves Life at South Franklin Circle

South Franklin Circle resident, John Corrigan was kind enough to write the following about his experience living at our independent living community in Chagrin Falls. 

I moved into South Franklin Circle during the early spring of 2015 after my wife entered a nearby memory care facility nearby; so I could be close to her each day as her care giver.  We’d lived in the Chagrin Falls area since 2001 beginning at Auburn Lakes, then a single home on 5 acres in Russell Township from summer 2008 until selling the home prior to moving to South Franklin…

The concept of moving to a facility like South Franklin Circle (SFC) made great sense for me now in most aspects as a single person needing only an extra space for family when they’d visit me during the year. For me, a cottage single living made the most sense, which has proven so right for me with my own health issues that arose during this time span.  I don’t walk as well any more, but continue to drive – which gives me a great sense of freedom.  I’ve arranged the cottage to fit my needs. The master bedroom and bath serves as a guest room and doubles as my studio or maybe the other way around.  High ceiling with large windows make for a great space to work and hang paintings of my own and others we collected throughout our 60 years together.  I’ve was able to personalize both the interior and exterior of the space provided to me as I play out this next phase of my life.

Retirement living in Cleveland, South Franklin Circle

SFC for me was and still is a welcoming community in its best sense.  Turns out I knew many people, some I hadn’t seen in years.  Having lived in the Shaker Heights area since moving here from Minnesota in 1962 made this transition possible. Another plus for me; being as social or not was OK.

As an artist, this ability came to my rescue, allowing me to work any time day or night.  This extended to assisting the SFC staff in my own showing of 80 pieces on the main gallery space in the Community Center last fall. Then having my great friend Dean Sledak have his work shown.  We have to continue to develop art exhibitions throughout the year, and promote them as well. 

The Maintenance Staff at SFC is truly unique and continue to amaze me. They have been so helpful including taking down then putting back up my art work for various exhibits I do in and around Chagrin Falls. We’ve become a team.  I am sure other members in the community feel the same way.

The numerous music and dramatic gatherings throughout the year are truly special.

I especially like eating at the Community Table once a week or more often sometimes. Radius Restaurant does a great job allowing residents to entertain family and friends as well as joining other residents for good food and conversation.  I enjoy meeting new people who have recently made SFC their home.

The newly redesigned Bistro adds new zest while having lunch inside or out.  It is truly an engaging experience!

Thank you for allowing me to say a few words about South Franklin Circle, a Judson Community.  It truly was and still is the best move for me as my journey continues to unfold.  I welcome each day with realistic expectations!

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