Resident Reaps Benefits of Healthcare Services at South Franklin Circle

Dr. Roger Hsu and his wife, Eva, are founding members and long-time residents of South Franklin Circle. They chose the community for a number of reasons.

First, the inviting Western Reserve campus felt just like home for them, offering a platform they felt would only enhance their already active independent lifestyle. For example, Roger, a Ph.D. chemist and attorney, continues to enjoy an international business career mentoring CEOs.

Second, they knew they would have access to healthcare if and when they needed it.

“Thinking about our long-term healthcare needs and knowing we’d have access to high-quality healthcare was an integral part of our decision to move to South Franklin Circle,” he says.

The Crane House Health Center offers South Franklin Circle residents top-notch medical care with a focus on rehab and is adjacent to the community center’s warm water pool and fitness studio.

Two years ago, when Roger fell and broke his femur bone, he was hospitalized for a week. “I went directly from the hospital to The Crane House for rehab,” he says, relaying a sense of relief that he could stay in the community and receive quality care, close to his apartment home where he and his wife live.

“The staff was compassionate and helpful, and the facilities were outstanding,” Roger says. “My suite was outfitted with Wi-Fi so I could continue working on my business projects—I didn’t feel like I was isolated or cut off from civilization. I could continue with my life!  Plus, the transition back to my apartment was seamless.”

“Now, I can get back to work and activities that are important to me!”

Crane House Health Center Offers Comprehensive Healthcare

The Crane House Health Center is available to independent living residents at South Franklin Circle whether they need temporary help following a surgery or are recovering from an illness. Independent residents have access to 10 free care days per year in Crane House after living at South Franklin for one year.

A key component of South Franklin Circle’s approach to comprehensive health care is a therapy and rehabilitation program that provides rehabilitation services to South Franklin Circle residents with the goal of helping participants remain healthy, active and aging in place.

South Franklin Circle and its multidisciplinary team of therapy professionals will evaluate an individual’s needs and plan an individualized program designed to:

  • Restore function
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent further injury
  • Improve quality of life


  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy


South Franklin Circle’s fitness center features free weights, cardio equipment, and various fitness machines. The Aquatic Center includes a heated pool, whirlpool spa and sauna.

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