Redefine Retirement Living in Northern Ohio

Video Transcription

Voiceover: The Judson Experience is all about smart living. It’s a philosophy that embraces living the way you choose where you choose. Since 1906, Judson has evolved into a dynamic, accredited, not-for-profit organization that is redefining retirement living in Northern Ohio. Much more than four walls, Judson is really defined by its people. We are committed to our mission of providing programs and living options for individuals taking charge of their successful aging.

Judson collaborates with its fellow institutions in both University Circle and Chagrin Valley to make Northern Ohio a destination for older people who wish to reinvent, rather than retire.

Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell: I think for many people who choose to live at Judson, one of the things they like most is to continue their lifelong involvement with their community.

Voiceover: People choose Judson because they want options, choices, and wish to remain engaged with the greater community.

Chris Ronayne: What we’re glad to have as our partner is really Judson as a thought leader, Judson as a resident leader here in the neighbor, and Judson as a program partner in the many things we do.

Voiceover: Through your support, we continue to expand the reach of our mission to touch thousands, building on the trust that people place in us to make their future plans and wishes reality. Judson has been building trust since 1906. We are consistently recognized as a leader in innovative programming and lifestyle options for older adults in Northern Ohio. We are the trusted provider in the region with deep community roots.

We offer three unique campuses; Judson Park and Judson Manor in the cultural, education and healthcare hub of University Circle, giving people access to the very best of greater Cleveland’s arts, education and healthcare.

Chris Ronayne: The University Circle district is really a one of a kind globally. We like to think of it as the most spectacular square mile here in Ohio, a collection of world class education, healthcare, arts, culture, social service, and religious organizations, really making one of the most unique places in the world all in one square mile.

Voiceover: In South Franklin Circle, in the beautiful Chagrin Valley, located within walking distance to the historic village of Chagrin Falls, South Franklin Circle offers an exciting alternative to a traditional retirement community. Beyond campus living, Judson offers Smart Living at Home, a flexible and affordable program that connects individuals with supports and services that Judson provides while living in their own home.

Diane Roberto: When it looked as if my father needed extra help, we started to look around. And after he died, definitely my mom needed some extra help, and there was never a question that she was going to leave her home. So we asked for Smart Living Supportive Services from Judson. We’ve been very, very happy with that; it’s a good choice.

Voiceover: In addition, wellness center memberships and satellite sites connect thousands of people with creative programs that give them tools to remain physically and mentally sharp. Judson is a hub of activity and a resource for all ages. Our award-winning, curriculum-based, intergenerational program brings nearly 700 youngsters through our doors on a monthly basis.

Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell: One of the wonderful things is to see how young people can not only inspire those of us who are a little bit older how to be technologically adept in our lives, and I think the other thing is some of the wisdom that can be offered to young people is helpfully accepted. And so the cross-generational effort is a growth thing, we hope, for both generations.

Voiceover: Collaborations such as the one with the Cleveland Institute of Music, allows for two students to live at Judson Manor. They perform at all three campuses in exchange for room and board.

The South Franklin Circle Dialogue Series provides stimulating forums designed to inform and inspire the community, inviting both locally known and internationally renowned speakers.

Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell: Judson believes very much in lifelong learning, and they believe in lifelong learning not just for the residents but they believe in lifelong learning as it relates to the broader community.

Voiceover: The Day Enrichment Center is designed to meet the needs of older adults throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. This great community resource has a full day of structured activities.

LaTasha Perry: It gives opportunity for the community and residents to get involved and interact with children, as well as have socialization among their peers.

Voiceover: Familiar routines are tailored to each individual’s capabilities, offering socialization in a supportive and secure environment. Residents continue to be visionary leaders, offering invaluable volunteer and mentorship hours to the greater community.

They contribute to the dynamic vitality of their community whether they live in University Circle or the Chagrin Valley. From residents and staff, to volunteers, family member’s trustees and beyond, Judson is a lifestyle dedicated to creating options for successful aging.

Judson continues to expand its not-for-profit mission, built on the pillars of care, trust, choice and community.

Cathy Bryan: Well, the goal of the art therapy program here at Judson is to make the arts available and accessible to absolutely everyone. There is no other program in the country like this, at least to my knowledge, that is so inclusive of partnerships with the community, and families, and caregivers, and that is totally funded by donations.

Voiceover: The Judson Foundation needs your support to sustain and create new, cutting-edge programs for future generations. Your gift will help us expand the reach of our mission and increase the trust people place in us to help make their future plans and wishes reality.

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