Purpose Driven Writer: Sharing Wisdom of Continual Growth

As a nurse, counselor, teacher, spiritual community leader, and minister, Nancy Glende’s life’s work has been about fostering personal growth – both for herself and for others.

Recently, the South Franklin Circle independent living resident — who is also a musician and a talented amateur painter — has added the title of journalist to her long list of accomplishments.

Since July, Nancy has been a regular contributor to the Spirit of Bainbridge, a community newspaper published every three weeks and distributed to approximately 7,300 households in Bainbridge and Auburn townships. She doesn’t receive money for her work. But as a deeply spiritual person, Nancy says she is still richly compensated.

“The reward,” she says, “is being able to speak from my soul, from my true self.”

With titles like “A Feminine View of Healing,” and “Questions on Falling Nuts,” Nancy’s writings raise provocative questions about inclusion, wellness, and the nature of the soul, often drawing upon her own personal experiences with illness and loss.

While that might sound like somber territory, Nancy’s stories are uplifting, largely because she chooses to see every challenge as an opportunity. “Every problem that I have had, I have grown from,” she says, “and then I teach others what I’ve learned. My life really is miraculous! It’s just been one miracle after another.”

These stories aren’t Nancy’s first foray into writing, of course. She is also the author of several self-published books, including the 390-page “Sharing the Course: A Guide to Group Study and Individual Application of Spiritual Principles” (1983), and the slimmer “Forgiving is the Only Real Solution to Violence” (1984). Both books are available on Amazon.com. Like her shorter pieces, the content of these books came easily, she says. “They just channeled through me.”

One of the writer’s favorite pieces to date is “Games Played Backwards: Everybody Wins!” which appeared in the Oct. 5, 2018 issue of Spirit of Bainbridge. Nancy begins by describing an assignment she gave to 35 adult students: Take a childhood game and figure out a way to play it in reverse. Musical chairs was one of the “games played backwards,” and it proved to be a life-changing experience. 

Nancy writes, “When the music stopped and someone sat on that chair, another chair was placed in the circle. This continued until there was one last person to take a chair. When the music stopped and she sat down to join the other 34, that was the moment I knew at the core of my being the difference between activities that set up separation, and those that unite. My heart opened and I have never been the same. Since then I have had no interest in win/lose activities that separate. God calls us to unite.”

Spirit of Bainbridge publisher and editor, Anne E. Bauswein says she is grateful for Nancy’s thoughtful contributions. “We are very proud of the fact that we have multigenerational writers, from high school to, well, Nancy! It adds a very good dimension to a community newspaper, and she is a part of that. That’s good for her – and good for us!”

For her part, Nancy says she has no intention to stop walking the path of spiritual growth, wherever it takes her. “I live in the energy of one-ness,” she says. “I will never stop serving God!”

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