Planning for the Future: Judson at Home Provides Retirement Living with Peace of Mind

There’s no doubt about it: When it comes to accomplishments, Judson at Home members Diane Millet and Susan Dean are champs.

For one thing, the Cleveland power couple can point to meaningful careers and an enviable array of advanced degrees. In Susan’s case, the retired executive director of United Cerebral Palsy holds a doctorate in rehabilitation counseling. For her spouse, Diane – a retired attorney specializing in human resources, labor relations and representation for small businesses and boards of education – there’s that law degree plus a master’s degree in psychology and education.

Their housing choices, too, have been meticulous. After living in Cleveland Heights for 25 years, Diane and Susan moved to Cleveland in 2005, drawn by the discovery of an ideal home.

“We found a wonderful small house in a great neighborhood,” Diane says. “It’s one story, no basement, and right across from the lake. It’s our retirement home, and it’s perfect!”

“We are very plan-ful people, as you might have guessed,” adds Susan, dryly.

When the time came to anticipate their future health needs, the couple was no less conscientious.

“Our financial planner kept asking us, ‘What are you going to do when you get old?’” Susan recalls. “We aren’t great fans of long-term care insurance, but we decided we still needed to put a plan in place.”

After diligent research, Diane and Susan decided the best plan for them was membership in Judson at Home, Judson’s affordable, customized healthcare membership program that puts members in control.

Through Judson at Home, members gain access to all the social, cultural and educational programs at any of Judson’s three communities, along with the use of their wellness and fitness centers. In addition, members benefit from a safety net of healthcare with priority access to all levels of care, if and when their healthcare needs change.

“We like the fact that you only pay for the care you need, yet professional assistance is only a phone call away,” says Susan.

“Plus, the staff has already been vetted by Judson, so we can feel confident of their quality and knowledge,” adds Diane.

It’s a far cry from trying to line up care providers in the midst of a crisis, the women agree.

“When you find yourself in need, you are in no position to be researching services,” Susan says. “You have to have a plan – in advance.”

So far, the couple have made use of their Judson at Home membership in small but meaningful ways. Diane especially enjoys using the pool and hot tub at Judson Park, where she recently completed a course of physical therapy.

“I really liked my physical therapist, and the services and facilities were excellent,” she says. “Now I’m putting together my own exercise program, using the pool and the water exercise classes. My therapist said that if I have any questions, I can just walk right over to her office and she will be glad to help.”

Susan also points out there’s a “fun” aspect to their Judson at Home membership: regularly scheduled trips to Radius, the elegant restaurant at South Franklin Circle, where the couple gets together monthly with a group of other members. “The food is great, the service is great, and it’s a nice way for us all to stay in touch,” Susan says. “I would enthusiastically recommend Judson at Home to other seniors who were looking for a la carte services.”

Diane agrees. “Peace of mind is a very big concern for us, and that’s what our Judson at Home membership provides. Now, if something were to happen to one of us, the other would not be frantic. We know what we would do.

“We would call Judson.”

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