New York Times Spotlights Intergenerational Lifestyle at Judson Manor

Above photo courtesy of Michael F. McElroy for The New York Times

Today’s New York Times spotlights Judson’s artist-in-residence program, where students from the Cleveland Institute of Music receive complimentary housing at Judson Manor in exchange for performing for residents. But as the article highlights, this is much more than a sweet deal for the students: It’s been life-changing for both generations!

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Janet Hall grimaces as she hits an off note on her violin, one of the few heard here at Judson Manor’s Friday afternoon recital, held in the chandeliered ballroom settings of the first-floor lounge of this residence for older people.

As an audience of 56 mostly older adults watches expectantly, Ms. Hall, 78, quickly recovers from the miscue. She slides her bow across the strings of her violin, drawing out the sweet and sonorous notes of a Gabriel Fauré suite.

Looking on and smiling is her accompanist on piano, Daniel Parvin, a 25-year-old doctoral candidate student at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Over a half-century apart in age, Ms. Hall and Mr. Parvin share some things in common besides this duet. A home, for one: Both are residents at Judson Manor, formerly a luxury hotel, built in 1923, in Cleveland’s University Circle section. A love of music, for another: Ms. Hall has been playing violin longer than her co-performer has been alive — since she was a child. And she is still a member of the semiprofessional Cleveland Women’s Orchestra.

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