Moving Made Easy, Even Beautiful!

There’s good reason why moving is one of life’s great stresses, no matter what age you are during transition. Especially for those who have enjoyed years—perhaps decades—in the same house, the thought of “editing” one’s belongings, packing, relocating and then re-establishing a home in a new space can be overwhelming. Judson’s moving and follow-up services are designed to lighten the load in every respect.

Now, imagine a move with a design professional who:

  • Assists with preparations for the transition
  • Helps you pack your belongings
  • Coordinates with movers
  • Directs “traffic” on move day
  • Provides follow-up assistance, from hanging pictures (and clothing in closets) to unpacking boxes

“Moving can be a fairly emotional time, and many residents are grateful for the resource,” says Susan Kent, owner of Moving by Design, who brings her career blend of social work and design to Judson residents. At all three of Judson’s communities, Susan plays the vital role of transitioning residents into a new phase of life.

With a degree in history from Yale and a master’s in landscape architecture, Susan brings her practical, organized demeanor and compassionate nature to every move. “It’s a wonderful job because I get to know residents’ styles, and I can help them add finesse to their new homes,” she says. “So often, people are pleasantly surprised at how their things look in the new space.”

Preparing to Move

Susan-Kent_Judson_resizedSusan acts as a pair of helping hands, assisting as much (or as little) as residents choose during the moving process. She generally gets involved when a future floor plan is selected, working closely with key staff to iron out any upgrades residents might wish to make prior to their move.

Our staff then connects with appropriate parties to manage pre-move updates and enhancements to apartment homes. Then, they send information to residents explaining the moving process and how Judson Manor assists along the way. “Many people have lived in the same home for many years,” relates Heather Springer of Judson Park, “and we try to take the stress out of the moving process.”

Prior to the move, Susan helps organize residents’ belongings (if they so choose), supplementing the assistance families provide loved ones—or serving as a “surrogate” when family lives far away. She calls her role, in some cases, “the ministry of presence.”

“Just to have someone at your elbow when you are going through your belongings can be a relief,” Susan says. “It’s often hard to do that process alone, and we can help sort, organize and get ready for packing.”

“Susan’s help was more than essential—it was vital,” says South Franklin Circle resident Bill Doyle. “She’s a real asset.”

Susan’s service also prevents procrastination. By planning and preparing prior to the move, residents can more easily transition and look forward to their new homes.

Handling the Details

Susan is on hand during moving day, managing any last-minute details with the movers. She brings a sense of calm to what can feel like a chaotic process. Upon arrival at a Judson community, she helps unpack boxes, hang pictures and take care of finishing touches—the little things that make a new home comfortable.

Judson manages additional decorating needs, from painting to updating bathrooms. While this work is generally completed prior to the move, Judson provides the flexibility to make updates at any time, pre- or post-move.

Residents feel comforted knowing that Susan is there to assist during the entire transition, from organizing for the move to unpacking every last box. “You can become quite close to the people you move,” Susan says, noting that she finds her job incredibly gratifying. “At the end of the job we can say, ‘Well, how about that.’ It’s reassuring.”

“Susan is talented, poised, reliable and organized,” notes Judson Manor resident Jane Zimring. “She makes moving a beautiful experience!”

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