Meet Sally Moennich, Vice President of Judson at Home

Imagine a long rope—a tether—with Judson holding one end and a family living at home secured to the other. There’s lots of leeway, yet a strong tie to a supportive community with bountiful resources. That’s how Sally Moennich, vice president of Judson at Home describes the program. It allows individuals to stay at home with the security of being supported with integrated, comprehensive services from Judson if needed.

Judson at Home members can also access Judson’s dining options and programming, health facilities and caring staff. “They develop relationships with us while living at home, and have confidence that we are there when they need us,” says Sally. “If they need to pull on that rope, here we come.  Care coordination is much more effective when we know their history up front. We’re like extended family.”

Judson at Home members can visit any Judson community to take advantage of its health and wellness programming, including water and land-based exercise classes, lifelong learning opportunities and other cultural programming like musical recitals.

Sally came to Judson after working over 20 years for the Visiting Nurse Association Healthcare Partners of Ohio, in a number of leadership roles including chief of clinical partnerships and executive director of VNA Home Assist. A nurse by training, she was attracted to Judson because of its long-standing reputation for quality and impressed with the concept behind Judson at Home.

“The program is truly unique—there isn’t another membership program like it in Northeast Ohio,” she says. “We encourage people to join while they’re healthy, when they aren’t in crisis. Members decide when and if to access services.  We don’t dictate.  They’re in the driver’s seat.”

Sally’s team includes the vice president of community wellness, three nurses, a licensed social worker, and six smart living professionals.  In addition to the Judson at Home membership, she also oversees Judson Home Care. “We work together as a team – we share the responsibility. That’s why we can act quickly on behalf of the members,” says Sally.

“I like finding creative solutions to problems,” she says. “And our members inspire me because they’re smart, proactive, forward-thinking individuals taking charge of their lives to stay healthy and ahead of aging issues.”

There are many programs out there available to older adults looking for support while they choose to stay in their own home.  But they’re not all the same.

“My advice—shop around and ask a lot of questions,” suggests Sally.  “It’s important to be your own advocate so you understand what may come up in the future and how to have the right services in place to be prepared,” she says. “And that gives everyone great peace of mind.”

Check back often to read more from Sally about other tips and helpful hints to keep you independent and in your own home.

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