Mansion Courts at Judson Park Offer Great Access to Cleveland Heights and University Circle

Kerstin Trawick admits she learned a thing or two about successful aging from her parents.

“When they moved to Judson from Texas in the 1980s, we took notes,” says Kerstin. “Based on their experience, Leonard and I knew Judson was for us,” she says. “It was a gift to us that my parents planned ahead so we didn’t have to worry. We want to pass that gift on to our kids.”

Leonard and Kerstin Trawick met while they pursued graduate studies in English at Harvard. After living in Manhattan, they settled in Cleveland Heights. Leonard taught poetry and creative writing at Cleveland State University and edited nearly 120 books of poetry. Kerstin edited publications at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law.

Now in their spacious Mansion Courts apartment at Judson Park, they continue to enjoy the ambiance of Cleveland Heights as well as easy access to University Circle.


“We didn’t want to be far from the city and all of the cultural attractions,” says Leonard, who is also a printmaker and watercolorist. Much of his work adorns their apartment. He volunteers as chair of the art gallery committee, which attracts both local and national artists to exhibit at Judson Park. Recently, his work appeared in a show at the Pentagon Gallery in Cleveland Heights. Kerstin volunteers in medical records and the Judson Commissary, and they both consider themselves “enthusiastic walkers,” never missing an opportunity to stroll the beautiful, tree-lined streets of the Chestnut Hills neighborhood.


“The social connections we’ve made have been richer than we expected,” says Kerstin. “And this includes the staff. Everyone knows our names, and they are just a phone call away if we need anything—even on weekends.”

“Our parents taught us well: we’re glad we chose Judson Park.”


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