Judson Residents’ Artwork For Sale at Appletree Books in Cleveland Heights

Art making is a core part of the lifestyle at Judson. Whether it’s discovering a new technique or continuing a lifelong passion, residents have many opportunities for creative expression.

Both Audra Rose and Jo Steinhurst were accomplished painters before moving Judson and their work only continues to flourish.

Audra’s artistic niche is watercolor painting, with much of her work featuring beach scenes and colorful spheres. Once a fashion illustrator in New York, Audra and her husband, George, live at Judson Park, where she spends most of her time in the Expressive Arts Center constantly creating alongside Art Therapy Coordinator Cathy Bryan.

appletree-books-firstJo, a resident at Judson Manor, specializes in Asian brush painting and has taught courses to residents at all three of Judson’s communities for a number of years.  She learned the quiet, contemplative art form while in her 70s. “I wanted to learn something new,” says Jo. “Plus, it took my mind off my back pain.”

Both artists are particularly prolific, and over the years have donated many art pieces to Judson. Following a meeting with Cathy Bryan, Lynn Quintrell, owner of independent bookstore appletree-books-secondAppletree Books, suggested she could sell the artwork in her store, which is located in the Cedar-Fairmount neighborhood of Cleveland Heights, not far from either Judson campus.

“After only two weeks, we’ve sold nearly 20 pieces,” says Lynn. “I’m amazed at the depth of their talent and the quality of their work. Customers are very receptive.”

Most of the pieces are frame-ready, mounted and matted. Both Jo and Audra have also created hand-painted cards. Prices range from $3-$50, and all profits go to support Judson’s Creative Arts and Art Therapy program.

“Appletree Books is such a charming store,” says Audra. “And Lynn has been wonderful to work with! We appreciate her support.”

Judson’s Creative Arts Programming is supported by donations from the community.  A wide variety of creative outlets engage residents at all three of Judson’s communities through:

  • Art demonstrations in various media techniques, including adaptive media
  • Lifelong learning classes such as Pottery and Asian Painting
  • Drop-in studio sessions staffed by art therapists
  • Family Art Days with themed art activities tailored for residents and their families.
  • Resident gallery exhibit and sale opportunities
  • Art studios at all three communities are available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, with materials provided
  • Individual art sessions directed by the art therapist
  • Artist-in-residence led interactive classes
  • All art sessions are open to family and friends

Volunteer artists, graduate-level interns and local students provide valuable assistance and support.

In March 2016, Appletree Books will feature the artwork of other Judson artists in its store window as part of a monthly focus on local artists, along with a bigger in-store display.

Please consider supporting Judson’s Creative Arts Programming by purchasing some of Audra and Jo’s artwork. Appletree Books is located at 12419 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106. Call (216) 791-2665 or visit www.appletree-books.com.

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