Judson residents and students create Andy Warhol-style self portraits

The father of “Pop Art” was one of the inspirations behind the recent Screenprinting and Photography intergenerational summer camp at Judson Park at July 9-13, produced by Progressive Arts Alliance (PAA).

Working together, middle school students from Open Doors Academy and Judson residents used traditional three-color separation to isolate the printing process colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow (known in printing circles as CMYK), then layering them to create multi-colored Andy Warhol-style screenprint self portraits.

Once they understood the technical process, the creative juices flowed as everyone created iconic images of themselves that would’ve made Warhol proud.  Layering the colors also provided plenty of surprises!

Camp participants also learned more about digital phtography and digital photo editing, taking photos at Judson and around University Circle.  They used laptop computers to edit their images.

Judson is proud of it’s long-standing collaboration with Progressive Arts Alliance, an arts education collective that is now celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary.  For a number of years, Judson and PAA co-produced “Music of My Mind,” an intergenerational film making summer camp.

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