Steps to Recovery: Judson Rehabilitation Center Offers a Path Back to the Life You Love

Henry Ott-Hansen chooses his words carefully when recalling his recent experience at the Judson Rehabilitation Center at Judson Park. After all, a successful 61-year career as a stockbroker tends to make a man precise. So when this Shaker Heights resident describes the services he received at Judson as “friendly,” “professional,” “excellent,” and “attentive,” you can be sure it’s a thoughtful analysis and not emotional hyperbole.

In fact, Mr. Ott-Hansen has utilized Judson’s rehabilitation services twice in the past eight  months, following left, and then right, hip replacement surgeries at University Hospitals by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Matthew J. Kraay.

“My left hip replacement was last October, and it went very well,” says Mr. Ott-Hansen, who earned his B.A. from Yale in 1951 and a master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management in 1963. “And when it was time to choose a rehabilitation facility, I chose Judson. I knew a lot of people – friends and fellow church members – who either lived at Judson or had received therapy there, and they all had good things to say. And I know living in the Heights makes me biased, but the location was close to my home and my daughter, which was also very good for me.”

For this full-time financial advisor, being able to return to independent living in his own two-story home was a major goal during his therapy at Judson Health Center.

“I knew the stairs at home could be an issue. In fact, some of my friends almost had me building an addition onto my house, bringing my bed down to the first floor and adding ramps!” he chuckles. But none of those modifications proved necessary. “The therapists at Judson definitely taught me how to handle the steps; thanks to them, I can go up and down – and even into the basement – without any problem.”

His right hip replacement surgery followed in February; the scheduling was designed to give Mr. Ott-Hansen sufficient time to complete his recovery before attending some important social functions.

“My grandson is graduating from Miami of Ohio this spring. My granddaughter, his twin, is graduating from Yale. And my 65th Yale reunion is coming up at the end of May. I didn’t want to miss any of it, so I was looking forward to getting back on my feet.”

Thanks to the Judson Rehabilitation Center, Mr. Ott-Hansen says he’s been able to do just that. While his first stay at Judson lasted about two weeks, his second was far shorter.

“Dr. Kraay said this time, he wanted me in and out of rehab in no more than five days – gulp, gulp! And as it turned out, I was able to go home after only three days. Can you imagine? The Judson staffers had me up and back on my feet in a very short time,” he says. “And that is a real positive!”

These days, Mr. Ott-Hansen is busy preparing to attend all three May celebrations. “I don’t anticipate any problem getting around at all.”

In June, he’ll be retiring from a cherished job he says “has never felt like work.” But don’t think that means the man is slowing down.

“I’m taking a cruise to the Norwegian fjords in July!” says this active senior.

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