Judson Park Howson Gallery presents “Macrame by Simone”

The Howson Gallery at Judson Park presents “Macramé by Simone” April 6-May 13, 2012, featuring exquisite macramé necklaces by Judson Park resident Simone Samuels. Opening reception is Friday, April 6 at 4:30 p.m.

The Howson Gallery is located at the Judson Park community of Judson at University Circle, 2181 Ambleside Drive in Cleveland. Call (216) 791-2885 for gallery hours. Free admission.

About Simone Samuels
Ms. Samuels was born in French-speaking Oran, Algeria, and came to the United States in 1949. A self-taught artist, she discovered macramé in 1970.She has participated in many collaborative and individual exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, and in the Northern Ohio area, including shows at the Cleveland Institute of Art, NOVA, the textile art alliance of the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Mitzi Verne Gallery in Cleveland Heights. She received Special Mention for Crafts in the 1980 May Show at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Her late husband, Leonard Samuels, was first violinist with the Cleveland Orchestra for 39 years. She has lived at Judson Park since 2011.

Helen Cullinan, Art Critic for The Plain Dealer, had this to say about Ms. Samuels’ work:

“Ms. Samuels does wonderful things with all kinds of string, from silk and linen to nylon. The difference between her and most macramé artists is a commitment to macramé as the equal to gold and silver for mounting precious stones and miniature carvings. The aptness of her designs to the object enthroned, whether it is a netsuke or amethyst stone is uncanny.”

Media Contact:
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