Judson Offers Real Estate Services for New Residents

Moving can be a challenging endeavor. Especially when we’re moving from the larger family home we’ve known for 30 years or more to a retirement community. Putting together the pieces of the moving plan, especially the sale of the family home, can be daunting. But having an advocate whose sole purpose is to execute that plan and help you sell your house can make moving a painless process.

lee-ann spacekLee-Ann Spacek, a real estate consultant and advocacy professional, has smoothed the road for many Judson residents.

During her initial consultation, she learns about the soon-to-be residents, views their property and recommends realtors who would be the best match for the client and the property. She also provides resources and makes recommendations for staging and preparing the house for market in order to bring the highest price and best terms of sale with the least inconvenience.

“We make the time to create a plan and a timeline,” says Lee-Ann. “Once there is a roadmap in place, and appropriate professionals to handle the details, many residents feel a sense of relief.  Our timeline includes what needs to be done, by whom, and when.”

“Working with Lee-Ann really took the pressure off of us trying to find a realtor,” says Eileen Fertal, who recently moved to South Franklin Circle with her husband George. “She also recommended movers and found a young family to adopt our old piano.”

“Lee-Ann served as a great intermediary, pulling all of the pieces together,” says South Franklin Circle resident Mary Alice Horner, who moved from Shaker Heights.  “She was even there to help me review my final title transfer documents prior to my signing them.”

With over 25 years in corporate relocation and real estate management, Lee-Ann focuses on serving clients who are right-sizing and making the move to Judson’s communities. “This very special service niche insures that Judson’s residents will receive the finest real estate and transition services from trusted professionals with whom I have first-hand experience,” she says.

Services include:

  • In-home consultation
  • Determination of the property’s fair market value by using two competitive brokers and Broker Price Opinions
  • Recommendations for staging and preparing the house for market
  • Regular reporting and accountability
  • Management and monitoring of the listing and sale processes
  • Ongoing communication

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