Judson Manor Home Styles – Part 1

In this blog series, you’ll meet Judson Manor residents who will offer you an intimate look inside their homes. See how each resident adapted the space to their own taste and lifestyle.

Bill and Mark Corcoran believe in planning ahead. So it’s only natural that they’ve embraced Judson’s Smart Living philosophy.

“Why wait until we’re 80?” asks Mark Corcoran about their decision to move to Judson Manor while in their 60s. “We had the freedom to do this when we wanted to, not because we had to.” Of course, they carefully considered the decision from all angles.

“We pondered what we could do now to protect ourselves in the long term and what happens if we’re around longer than our assets last,” continues Mark. “There were strong financial reasons. Plus, the real estate market had changed dramatically—holding onto our house in Bratenahl made no sense.”

Judson Manor stood out among their options. “The Manor’s ambiance, thoughtfully restored features and location easily outshone the condominiums and apartments we toured,” adds Bill.


Bill and Mark chose a renovated 2-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor. They use the second bedroom as a den and turned its walk-in closet into a unique studio/office for Bill who is a professional musician and composer.


“The rooms are spacious—the bedroom is large enough for me to do yoga without moving any furniture,” he says.


Having downsized from larger houses three times before, they were seasoned veterans on deciding what to keep and what to liquidate. “Paring down to a smaller space is very liberating,” says Mark. “If something doesn’t make you happy in this moment, do not take it with you.”


Their sense of style is eclectic. The space is both a private retreat and perfect for entertaining friends and many of their neighbors. “We enjoy both tremendous privacy and community here, and we’ve made friends with some really very interesting people,” says Bill. “You can’t bring up a subject or place in the world that someone here doesn’t know about or has been to.”


Mark is pleasantly surprised how busy they’ve become since moving to the Manor. “We thought our world would be simpler, but instead our lives have become intriguingly complex—in a good way of course!” For example, Mark chairs the Manor’s Roundtable lecture series and serves on the house and dining committees. Both Corcorans hold leadership positions in community-based non-profits. They also take full advantage of all the cultural and educational opportunities available in University Circle. “It’s a very walkable neighborhood—the library, our bank and a drug store are only a block away,” notes Bill.

“This has been a very affirming experience,” notes Mark. “I feel like we belong here. We made a choice that made perfect sense for us.

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