Judson is the Purr-fect Place for Furry Friends!

Posted on: February 13th, 2017 by Margaret Miller

Here’s a twist on Valentine’s Day: We’re showcasing the love affairs Judson residents have with their  four-legged friends!

The pet-friendly environment at all of Judson’s communities is a definite selling point for residents.

Plus, they are just plain fun to have around – they lighten the mood of any situation. Dogs especially offer a social outlet. It’s common to see residents walking their dogs around the communities or taking them to parks.

They’re just like family—in fact, many residents say they would not have moved, had they not been able to keep their pets!

South Franklin Circle residents enjoy taking their dogs to the dog park and on the Metroparks trail that runs through the community. The Chestnut Hills neighborhood offers Judson Park residents an ideal locale for a stroll with their pooch. And Judson Manor residents walk their pups around Wade Lagoon. We see the kitties in the hallways sometimes too!

Alice and Hector have been together for 15 years! Hector loves doing high-fives and has a great view of Downtown Cleveland from his apartment!

Bob and found Eleanor when he fostered her for a friend. Eleanor’s favorite place is on Bob’s lap! Their love is paw-some!

Cody and Katie are Shizhus living at Judson Park. Their owners, Barbara and Allan Peskin and Ruth Miller say that they fell in love the minute they laid eyes on one another! They enjoy hanging out in the Park’s 6th Floor Commons and love when their owners arrange playdates, life is ruff!

Cosette, an artist-in-residence and her kitty, Coby, live at Judson Manor! Cosette says, “He loves on me all the time, he is a sweetie!” He loves his life in University Circle.

Dick and Casey live at South Franklin Circle! Casey is a nine-year-old Wheaton Terrier. Casey takes two walks every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. He’s paws-itively adorable!

Janet and Missy live at Judson Manor. Missy enjoys chasing her toys, and watching the movie “Airplane” with her owner! She is so soft and purr-fect!

Justine and Charlie are fur-real friends! Charlie belongs to resident, Laura Berick, but Justine often walks Charlie in the University Circle neighborhood!

Millie is a service dog living in Crane House assisted living at South Franklin Circle. Her owner, Anne Barnes, didn’t wish to be photographed by the paparazzi! Millie is a chocolate Labradoodle and such a sweetheart!