Judson Fitness Programs Keep Residents and Neighbors Moving

We’ve all heard the adage, “use it or lose it.” Today’s retirees are taking this to heart, looking for ways they can keep their bodies fit and minds sharp – and Judson’s fitness programs are helping them do just that.

Judson’s holistic wellness philosophy offers a well-rounded combination of physical, mental, educational and cultural programs that stimulate equally the minds and bodies of our residents.

Exercise Classes

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

This program focuses on increasing strength, endurance and range of motion with a focus on joint health. With a wide variety of exercises dispersed between standing and sitting poses, this exercise program is meant to relieve pain associated with arthritis, and ideally prevent inflammation in the joints.

Balance Clinic

This clinic focuses on balance-improving exercises for strengthening the lower body via proper walking techniques. Held in a group format, participants move around the room engaging in a variety of seated and standing exercises.

Strength Training

Strength training classes at Judson follow the Joan Pagano method to resist aging with a focus on strength development. Exercises include:

  • Light weight training
  • Band work
  • General exercise techniques
  • Exercise balls
  • Floor mat work

These are diverse classes designed specifically to improve residents’ overall health and lifestyle.

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese discipline involving a continuous series of controlled, graceful movements, this form of standing exercise can greatly improve physical and mental well-being. When the weather gets nice we try to hold this class outdoors.


Seated yoga at Judson combines aerobic exercise with strength and flexibility techniques, creating a total body workout. Yoga also promotes bone health and keeps minds sharp.

Aquatic Classes

Water Aerobics

A resident favorite, water aerobics promotes cardiovascular fitness by increasing circulation and respiration. It includes vigorous movements, jumping and jogging, and uses water weights, balls and “noodles” to strengthen the upper and lower body.

Water Power Walking

This is the Water Aerobics class above, minus the jumping or jogging. It’s designed to improve cardiovascular fitness while being gentler on participants’ joints. Water weights and noodles are often used to help strengthen the upper and lower body.

Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise

The Arthritis Foundation has developed 72 aquatic exercises proven to improve flexibility, range of motion, strength and endurance. The buoyancy and warmth of the water facilitates movement and is a very enjoyable experience for residents.

Specialized Classes

Improvement Through Movement

This specialized course is an ongoing program dedicated to delaying the onset of Parkinson’s Disease by optimizing physical function and helping to delay the progression of symptoms. Participants in this program see improvements in their gait, balance and strength, in addition to experiencing sharper memory and a reduced chance of falling.


Judson wellness staff is specially trained to understand the needs and goals of older adults striving to optimize their functional independence, manage chronic conditions, or prepare for or recover from joint replacement surgery. Our wellness staff includes:

  • Certified Arthritis Foundation water and land instructors
  • Exercise specialists
  • Aquatics coordinator

The combined staff has over 100 years of experience.

Are you interested in learning more about Judson Wellness Programs? Contact us today, or call (216) 791-2004.

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