Judson at Home Provides Security for Aging in Place

Like many seniors, Nancy Hammond hopes to age in place in her home near Shaker Square. “I like my suite, I like the people, and I like being able to walk to the services I need,” says the retired business librarian and indefatigable volunteer for the arts. A quick wit, Nancy goes on to explain that she also remains active in her church, enjoys “playing” with her friends, and does lunch “very well.”

“Everyone has to excel at something!” she jokes.

But while Nancy is taking all the right steps to stay in her home – fostering her social connections, remaining mentally and physically active, and approaching life with humor – she is realistic about the potential challenges of aging.

“I’m doing well now,” she says, “but the fact is, as one gets older, all that could change in a moment. That’s something I am certainly aware of.”

That awareness was the impetus behind Nancy’s recent decision to join Judson at Home, Judson’s affordable, customized healthcare program that puts members in control. Through Judson at Home, members gain access to all the social, cultural and educational programs at any of Judson’s three communities, along with the use of their wellness and fitness centers. In addition, members benefit from a safety net of healthcare with priority access to all levels of care, if and when their healthcare needs change.

For Nancy, a long-time widow, it made sense to be proactive. “I have no relatives, and it occurred to me that the young people in my life I called ‘the kids’ are now pushing 70! I figured I better look at my options and make some plans for myself.”

While she hasn’t yet utilized them, a partial list of Nancy’s benefits include:

  • Priority admission to the Judson Rehabilitation Center after any hospitalizations
  • Discounted rates on Judson Smart Living Professional Services
  • Discounts on Judson Home Care  Services
  • A five-percent discount on Assisted Living and Judson Health Center
  • Coordination of home medical alert systems
  • Assistance with reviewing long-term care policies
  • Access to Judson and South Franklin Circle restaurants
  • Use of the pool

“I have been thinking pleasant thoughts about that pool at Judson Park,” Nancy says. “That is a significant benefit!”

Furthermore, she appreciates the freedom to tailor the program to her particular needs. “I sort of like the ‘Chinese menu’ approach,” she says. “I like the fact that I can call on the services as I need them. And realistically, we never know when the need may arise.”

In that sense, Nancy thinks of her membership as an insurance policy.

“As circumstances change, it’s important to have alternatives. The fact that I have this membership lends security, and that’s important.

“I’m not really planning to get old, you know. But Judson at Home is a nice, interim way of preparing for the future.”

To find out more about the benefits of membership in Judson at Home, please click here.

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