Independent Living Resident Featured in CBC Article

Readers of the May issue of Cleveland Business Connects got a taste of what it’s like living at South Franklin Circle retirement community in Chagrin Falls through the eyes of resident Joan Campbell.  Here is an excerpt from the story:

The Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell just retired in December, but one would never know it.

During a typical day, Campbell, 82, might cook herself breakfast in her two-story home, go to the gym or take a walk outside, and follow up by visiting with friends and neighbors. In the evening she may enjoy a meal at Radius, a fine-dining restaurant, or use a driver to take her downtown to see a show.

“You begin to become a community of people – that maybe was the biggest surprise for me,” she says. “We all have dinner together. It is actually fun. Older people do much better with companionship.”

This is retirement life at South Franklin Circle, the newest branch of the Judson Services Inc. retirement community system. Founded in 1906, Judson is a nonprofit organization dedicated to programs in communities designed for successful aging. Based in Northeast Ohio, Judson has three independent living facilities.

Today more than 200 people call South Franklin Circle home, and residents at the Chagrin Falls community range in age from their late 50s to centenarians.

Retirement was something Campbell says she looked forward to. It would provide an opportunity for her to take control of her golden years, ease the burden on her loved ones, and continue doing what she enjoys. Today she does all of that and more.

In addition to the vast activities and events offered at South Franklin Circle, Campbell stays active with volunteer work and traveling. She has just as much independence today as she did during her many years living in Shaker Heights.

“I’ve watched a lot of people grow older, and choices between children and parents are often very testy and difficult,” she says. “It’s so much better when older people make up their own minds. It was very important for me to make that choice instead of having my children make it for me. And I love my children.”

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