Harvesting Season for Residents at South Franklin Circle

Dick Hartz is proud to show off the tomatoes he’s been growing in South Franklin Circle’s resident-organized community garden.

He does a taste test. “They’re sweet this year. I’m not sure why,” he says with a shrug. “It’s OK with me. Sliced and lightly salted, they make a great meal.”


Dick is one of about 20 South Franklin Circle residents who pooled their resources to create the garden in 2012. They worked with a landscape architect to design wooden raised garden plots of various sizes and then built the plots themselves in less than a month.

Along with tomatoes, Dick also planted pole beans, cucumbers and beets. A long-time avid gardener, he appreciates having the opportunity to grow fresh vegetables just a few steps from his apartment at South Franklin Circle.

“I had gardens when I lived in Concord, Massachusetts and in Arizona,” says Dick. “So it’s great to have this.”

Whenever there’s a harvest surplus, gardeners are more than willing to share a basket of the produce with fellow residents and staff at the community center. There’s also a social aspect to the garden with neighbors greeting and chatting with one another while they pick the night’s meal.

A walk through the other plots reveals quite a few herbs including fresh mint and basil. A few residents also grow zinnias and other flowers.


Although Susie Sebastian and her husband Dick moved to South Franklin Circle from Manhattan, they had lived in Yellow Springs, Ohio for a time and regularly grew their own herbs and vegetables.

“It’s great to have this,” says Susie. “It really brings people together.”

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