Explore Vern Weber’s “Man Cave”—South Franklin Circle Home Styles

In this monthly series, you’ll meet South Franklin Circle residents who will offer you an intimate look inside their homes. Whether it’s a cottage, attached garden home, apartment or town home – see how each resident adapted the space to their own taste and lifestyle.

Vern Weber’s spacious one-bedroom apartment offers the perfect setting for casual get-togethers with family and friends.  “I call it my ‘man cave’,” he says with a smile. The longtime Gilmour Academy football coach’s 927-square foot abode is ground zero during football season when his brother, son and grandsons come over to watch games.

“We’re three generations with three very different interpretations of the plays!” says Vern. “It’s all good-natured discussion. We have fun just hanging out.”



Vern’s large flat-screen TV is positioned above his mantel and surrounded by furniture that is both welcoming and comfortable. The apartment came with built-in shelves in the dining room, perfect for displaying career mementos, and family photos, including ones of his late wife, Bev, meeting Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.  There is a small porch off the dining room, perfect for early morning coffee and bird watching.




“It’s an easy layout,” says Vern. “Everything is very convenient.” Indeed, his apartment is just steps away from the community center and the activities he enjoys, including a memoir class and men’s group discussions.

Vern leads the sports discussion every week at the men’s group and says the range of topics, from headline news to the weather to family, keeps the group lively. “We solve all of the problems of the world,” he says with a laugh. He also volunteers at the concierge desk answering the phone and assisting and directing visitors, putting to good use the skills he no doubt honed as an alumni and development ambassador for Gilmour.


Beyond his apartment, he enjoys easy access to the Village of Chagrin Falls—a pleasant one-mile walk via the Metroparks trail that runs through the campus. “It’s great exercise,” he says.

Reconnecting with old friends has also been a past-time of Vern’s since moving to South Franklin Circle. “The first time we toured the community and I recognized so many familiar faces, I felt right at home,” notes Vern. “For that I’m grateful.”


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