Creativity Integral to Independent Living at Judson Park

The visual arts play a significant role in the lives of independent living residents at Judson Park. Whether it’s creating their own art work or bringing in local artists to display in the Park’s galleries, or coming together to display their work outside of Judson, their passion for a variety of mediums is contagious.

Audra-Rose-independent-livingThe Expressive Arts Center is practically a second home to many residents like Audra Rose, a watercolorist who worked as a fashion illustrator in New York City for the Associated Merchandising Corporation. Her nature-inspired watercolors have graced a number of resident exhibits, including the annual Judson May Show, an event inspired by the Cleveland Museum of Art’s legendary community exhibit.

Nancy-Kermode-independent-livingAnother Expressive Arts Center regular is Nancy Kermode, who discovered the art of papermaking over a decade ago as she looked for creative ways to recycle paper. She is an advocate for the unique art form, and champions local paper artist Tom Balbo, regularly participating in classes and programs at his Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory in Cleveland’s historic Midtown district. She has also created a papermaking studio on her apartment.

Leonard-Trawick-independent-livingIn addition to his love of literature, resident Leonard Trawick creates whimsical etchings and watercolors that adorn the Mansion Courts apartment he shares with his wife, Kerstin. Leonard also chairs the resident committee that books both local and nationally renowned artists to display their work in the Howson Gallery at Judson Park. The openings are festive community events that attract both residents and Cleveland Heights-area neighbors.

Just recently, Audra, Leonard and fellow resident and legendary Cleveland architect Jack Bialosky will exhibit their work collectively at the Beachwood Community Center. The show, “Stone, Wave, Dream: Three Artists, Three Worlds” featured Jack’s watercolor landscapes, Audra’s watercolors and acrylics, and Leonard’s watercolors, linoleum prints and etchings.


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