Are You Ready for a Retirement Community? 6 Signs it’s Time to Make the Move

Like all major life changes, the decision to leave your house is a momentous one. Happily, it’s also one that comes with plenty of upsides. Read on for 6 signs it’s time to move to a retirement community.

  1. You could cruise the Caribbean instead of shoveling the sidewalk.

You can leave the snow shovels and salt behind when you move to a retirement community. All winter plowing, maintenance and snow removal is included, meaning sidewalks, driveways and parking lots are always clean and safe – and your time is free for fun.

  1. Your heating bill could cover a month of your grandchild’s college tuition.

It doesn’t seem right, does it? But when you live in a retirement community, your utilities – electric, cable, water, sewer and internet service (not to mention property taxes and homeowners’ insurance) – are all included in your monthly fee. So go ahead, sink a few more bucks into that 529 Plan!

  1. Your friends seem to have gone into hibernation for the winter.

It can be tough keeping in touch when the winter winds howl. Residents of retirement communities have the opportunity to gather with friends in a variety of venues, all within steps of their own front doors. Whether it’s sharing cocktails by a fireplace, hosting a book-club meeting in your apartment, or attending a festive party at the community center, opportunities abound to engage with friends, both old and new. 

  1. Your interest in cooking ranks right up there with having a root canal.

Dark days, drab landscapes and a dearth of fresh fruits and veggies can make it hard to care about cooking. Happily, if you live at a retirement community, you don’t have to: many communities feature restaurant-style dining, as well as more casual dining options such as cafes or bistros. 


  1. You find yourself wondering: Does clicking the TV remote count as exercise?

Winter is that time of year when we tend to pack on some pounds. If only there was a way to burn those pesky calories without braving the elements … Well, lucky you: If you live at a retirement community, you’ll find plenty of onsite fitness activities to help keep yourself in shape. Swimming, yoga, strength training and water aerobics are just some of the active options.  Best of all, you don’t need a car to get there!

  1. Two words: Cabin fever.

Is there anything worse than the feeling of isolation that snowy weather brings? While icy roads may hamper a homeowner’s ability to keep active, a short stroll through indoor hallways of a retirement community may be all it takes to get you to an art class, a learned lecture, a theatrical performance or a musical recital. What a great way to banish the winter blahs!

Recognize yourself in any of these signs? If so, the “treatment” is simple. Consider a move to a retirement community – like Judson Park, Judson Manor, or South Franklin Circle – where we work to fulfill our mission of Bringing Community to Life every day!

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