“A Family of Friends”: Six Companions Discuss Why Judson at Home Works for Them

Outside, it’s January and the leaden sky hangs heavy with cold rain.

But inside Radius, the elegant restaurant at South Franklin Circle, the air is filled with warmth and good cheer. Within the intimate dining room, six long-time friends are gathered around an ample table, their conversation punctuated with peals of laughter and shared recollections.

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This monthly get-together at Radius has become a tradition for the group of retirees, an accomplished crew with personal and professional connections that reach back nearly three decades. Among them are two psychologists, one attorney, a college professor, a social-services administrator and a human resources executive – united, it seems, through both history and shared experiences with the challenges of aging.

Here’s another thing they share: Each of these friends has chosen to join Judson at Home, Judson’s affordable, customized healthcare membership program that puts members in control.

Through Judson at Home, members gain access to all the social, cultural and educational programs at any of Judson’s three communities, along with the use of their wellness and fitness centers. In addition, members benefit from a safety net of healthcare with priority access to all levels of care, if and when their healthcare needs change.

While their exact circumstances vary, the friends say a number of common concerns helped lead them to Judson at Home.  One of those concerns was the desire to maintain independence. “I’m single and I live alone,” says group member Connie Rebich, who recently underwent one knee replacement surgery and is facing another. “I would certainly like to stay in my home for as long as I can, so Judson at Home seemed like a great option.”

Connie also appreciates the program’s comprehensive focus on wellness. “Judson’s philosophy is one of staying healthy, of being healthy, for as long as you can,” she explains. “With access to the pools, the educational programs, the walking paths and the grounds, Judson encompasses the totality of mind, body and spirit. It’s all here for you – along with medical help if and when you need it.”

Access to trusted medical care in a crisis was also important to Marie Anderson-Miller and her husband David Miller, particularly after David experienced a serious bicycle accident. “His recovery was sort of difficult; and after that, I knew I needed to make some adjustments,” Marie says. “I used to work in public health, so I felt like I should know all the ins and outs. But when it’s happening to you, it’s just so overwhelming. It can be hard to think straight. Having access to an at-home program like Judson just seemed to make sense.”

Friend Susan Dean echoes that sentiment. “When you find yourself in need, you are in no position to be researching services. You have to have a plan – in advance.”

“Plus, the Judson at Home staff has already been vetted by Judson, so we can feel confident of their quality and knowledge,” adds Diane Millet.

Barbara Kuby, another member of the group, agrees. “People underestimate how hard it is to find good long-term care. How do you cobble it together? How do you effectively track and arrange payment for multiple caregivers? What do you do if there are performance issues with a service provider?”

Making an informed decision is crucial, she says.  “Intentionality is very important in these matters, because they have implications for your financial, emotional and spiritual well-being. When we are troubled and feeling vulnerable and as if things are out of our control, it absorbs us. Those things we do to make the world a better place – to live generously – go to the background, because we are just trying to survive.

“The short story is, I chose Judson because I trust them.”

“And that’s why I looked into it so seriously, too,” adds Connie. “If Barbara thinks positively about Judson, then it certainly merited my attention.”

After all, that’s what having friends is all about.

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“We’re a family of friends,” explains Barbara. “We have always extended ourselves to one another, and this is just another way of reaching out as we age.”

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